Basic Battles and the Struggle Within

Basic Battles and the Struggle Within

Bodybuilding is all about moving forward with new growth and our progress is determined by the initiative we take to ensure that occurs. There are no breaks within this lifestyle and our offseason is when we make our best gains. The arduous tasks that must be accounted for with each day that passes can and will wear upon you and this is when battles begin and the struggle becomes real. It is at this very point in time when you are faced with a choice; carry on or call it quits. Unfortunately for us, answering this question just once doesn’t make it go away which makes these battles even more significant. You’ll be able to ignore and move past it quite easily in the beginning, but after years of toil, the struggle in making this call will begin to weigh on you heavily.

How much do you think your body can handle? Where and what is your threshold for pain and how many times can you bypass the signs and signals being provided by your body telling you to stop before entering the danger zone? Our determination and grit allows us to grind each and every single day but it also that persistency that propels us towards impending doom if we don’t let up just a little every once in a while. But again, we don’t know anything other than full speed ahead, there is no fear within our training and we are at peace with knowing the negative outcomes that coincide with the positive because, in our mind, it’s worth the risk; but is it?

There will come a time when you are faced with the ultimate battle between carrying on with what you love the way you love it and facing the reality that you just can’t withstand the resistance like you once were able to. Then, a mental struggle will ensue, you will be faced with a new challenge that you aren’t comfortable with and you will fight tooth and nail to make things right again but to no avail. Father time has no friends in the latter part of our careers and he will remind us of the need to change when our time comes due. You can choose to fight back and battle through this adversity, and some of you out there will win for now, but the struggle will continue.

Amongst all of the disdain for what is being taken away from you, there is hope; you still get to train each and every day. You still get to feel the pump of your muscles busting the sleeves of your newly minted GASP t-shirt and you get to feel alive under the weight you’ve known for so long. A breath of fresh air invigorates your outlook on what you have left and new life emerges from within your training. This is what you have always loved, the battles you fought and won over the iron are reminders of your insistent determination to be a better version of yourself with each day that passed and you continue to welcome the struggle of surpassing your previous day’s best. Welcome to bodybuilding where there are no compromises and nothing is left to chance. Fight on my friends and finish strong.

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