Lulu to Better Bodies Size Conversion

Better Bodies clothing is designed and produced in Europe, the sizing is smaller than most North American designed clothing.

This chart is only to be used as a guide if you don’t know your measurements. If you know your measurements please use our actual Better Bodies women’s sizing chart.

 Size lulu
       Size in Better Bodies for Women
tight fit top loose fit top pants
2/XXS 30″ 22.5″ 33″ XS  – XS
4/XS 32″ 24.5″ 35″ S XS S
6/S 34″ 26.5″ 37″ M S M
8/M 36″ 28.5″ 39″ M-L M M-L
10/L 38″ 30.5″ 41″ L M-L L
12/XL 40″ 32.5″ 43″  – L  –

What is Cool Meryl fiber?

Meryl is the latest innovation by the European nylon manufacturer Nylstar. This fibre has reproduced into many products such as Meryl Satine (with appearance comparable to silk), Meryl Nexten (hollow fiber), Meryl Spring (look and feels like pure cotton), which also has anti-UVA/UVB feature. This are among the most advanced Polyamide fiber today, and is one of the new material used in many current European underwear productions.

Being the newly defined ultra-fine synthetic, Meryl is well known for its unique technology that refines fiber to less than 10 μ of fineness. The unimaginable soft touch feel surpasses silk much more.It creates a skin like second layer to the wearer as it fits comfortably and perfectly along bodyline like no other. As well as ventilation effect, easily washable, easy care plus the quick dry time of three times faster than cotton.