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Not all tights are created equal!

Jan 10, 2017 12:22:40 PM

It is time to go Behind the Seams with Better Bodies!

Not all tights are created equal!

With the release of our Camo High Tights we debuted a new fabric, the Better Bodies Gym Compression!

Gym Compression by Better Bodies is a fabric which provides superior moisture transportation and 360 degree compression with the added comfort of a cotton touch. 

What makes Gym Compression so special? 
- A unique use of a textured polyester yarn is what creates the excellent moisture transportation
- A technique called double knit is used to make them anti-see through
- The 360 degree compression doesn't flatten out your hard earned curves

Why wear compression? 
- Increases blood flow and circulation
- Aides in clearing metabolic waste after training

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Posted By Justin Mondor

Keto GAINZ or just Starving?!

Nov 30, 2016 12:40:55 PM

                THE GREAT DIVIDE; everyone wants the quick and easy but no one really wants to educate their self or put in the effort to succeed. This is my personal belief when hearing about new fads and overly complicated “get fit schemes”. This piece will be dealing with my experience on the famous ketogenic diet and how it went! I will start by saying this diet is not for everyone, but if you love fatty meats, cheese and being hostile towards majority of carb sources then you are ready to be on your carb-less way! The jist of a keto diet is high fats, moderate protein and low carbs with majority of carb sources being fiber-filled goodness in the form of greens. Now, if you don’t know which carb sources those are I would recommend sharpening up your nutrition table due to that info is a key staple point in keto! Also, there are many different styles of ketogenic diets ranging from zero dairy, nuts to anything fat goes. For my experience, I pretty much indulged in anything fat and kept my meals fairly simple so I wouldn’t fail on the preparation. The thing I was most worried about on this diet was the exchange of energy sources my body would go through.......

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Posted in 0 1 By Elijah Watchman

Creatine, the Ugly duckling

Oct 4, 2016 12:40:52 PM

Nobody ever wants to be average, to look and feel like everyone else takes all the uniqueness from being an individual and automatically put in the category as ‘boring’. When people look at Arnold, they don’t assume boring, passive, lazy, or unsuccessful. No, something deep down urges them to push onward and follow suit. Everyone wants to be a success in their own special way, which is what drives us to the same passion of fitness.

The procedures taken to strive for success are not always a linear plan, nor do they ever follow a step by step rule outline. BUT, there are often overlapping staples to which aid in advancing the current self to the next.  Similar to plans in life, guides to better self-perspective or body image is taken in the same aspect.  We all have fitness goals that share similar needs to others pursuing fitness goals around us. One aspect that is often similar in goals is supplements. There are some key supplements that someone should have in their arsenal at all times, the one I want to shed some light on today is CREATINE!

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Sep 25, 2016 11:07:58 AM

The Story Behind The 1.2 LB Hoodie 2016 marks the 10-year anniversary of an important product in the GASP Heritage: The 1.2 Lb. Hoodie. This item is a GASP fan favorite and defining product for the brand. In 2005, we began to work with the GASP athlete team to develop their ultimate hoodie, and the 1.2 Lb. Hoodie was created. During that period, we had a limited-edition hoodie that was pretty heavy duty, and our friends, fans and customers raved it. We only made a limited quantity of them, but we received incredible feedback and reviews. We listened closely to our community, and there was no question that we needed to deliver what they were asking for. We worked with the athlete team and discussed all their favorite features of our previous hoodies and why they enjoyed wearing them. In 2006,we began constructing what would soon become the 1.2 Lb. Hoodie. We worked with our suppliers to develop the thickest fabric we’ve ever used on any product to date, which is actually how we named the hoodie. Each square meter of fabric weighs 1.2 pounds. We lined the hood with a thick waffle thermal, along with the heaviest YKK zippers on the market that have the GASP symbol engraved in the metal. We wanted this to be the H1 Hummer of the hoodie world – rough, tough and built with passionRead More
Posted By Store Owner

New Evolution of Clothing

Sep 20, 2016 10:06:17 PM

Charles Darwin created the theory of evolution and it basically states that all species evolved from a group of natural selected beings in order to compete, and survive. In modern day, evolution has been incredibly speeding up to the point where many things can or are going instinct. For example, exercising has been through a strenuous evolution stage where, now, almost anything can be turned into a workout. Whether you view it as a positive or negative way; the result is, arguably, a better and fit you. Another evolution of life is fashion. From flashy colours and baggy clothing in the 90’s to simple colours, and fit clothing in today’s generation, there is no doubt that the evolution of fashion has a correlation to the evolution of an individual’s lifestyle. So, why not wear something that would evolve with you inside and outside of the gym?

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Posted By David Senthavong