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Turn your time asleep into the most productive part of your day. Your Growth Hormone (GH) production drops 80% by the age 60. If you're sleeping less than 8 hours a night, expect to find yourself a lot farther along that downward curve.
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Not Your Fault

The symptoms of declining GH can be mentally and physically damaging. But the reason they're happening isn't your fault. After the age of 18, your natural GH production takes a nosedive. Mother nature can be cruel and this is no exception. Growth Hormone deficiency is no slow and steady slide, its a devastating fall from former glory. Luckily, if you're a relatively healthy male under the age of 60, there's help. Big help.

Sleep Smarter.

Better rest gives better workouts. Better workouts give better rest. Smart sleep is the gift that keeps on giving. But if you're one of the 68 million Americans suffering from poor quality sleep, you're not getting better rest or better workouts. GH PeakTM contains ingredients that help re-establish your natural sleep/wake cycle: Achieving this results in higher total sleep quality



The Secret. Ingredients.

It’s what’s on the inside that counts.
GH Peak is made with ingredients of quality you’d expect from a world-renowned research and development lab. And that’s exactly what Blue Star Nutraceuticals is.

Arginine Pyroglutamate & L-Lysine
1200 mg each
Increases GH Levels by up to 653.1% in 90 minutes.
Prompts your body to produce GH when production would be otherwise inactive.

5 mg
Suppresses the production of other hormones that reduce GH production.
Improves sleep quality.
Increases GH by 157%.
Restores your confidence in the benefits of a truly good night's sleep.

Sensoril® (Ashwagandha Extract)
125 mg
Reduces cortisol production.
Regulates unnecessary stress which only further weakens GH production.

Valerian Root Extract
(0.1% Valerenic Acid)
300 mg
Reduces anxiety.
Promotes a state of relaxation as you begin to fall asleep and long after you've drifted off.
Creates favorable sleep environment in which your body produces anti-aging GH.

5 - Hydroxy - L - Tryptophan
100 mg
Supports serotonin synthesis.
Increases the percentage of deep sleep hours during your time asleep.
Reduces the likelyhood of waking up feeling like you barely slept.

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