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Less luck. More skill.

the creation of Black Magic Supply Supplements did not happen from ‘good luck”. We earned the opportunity to launch this brand. In 2018 they assembled a never-before-seen group of creators with one thing in common: the drive to create a superior supplement brand. From formulations to branding. Each team member is highly skilled and has years of experience in their area of expertise.

Super potent ingredients.

Every raw ingredient is tested for purity once it lands in their facility. Each handcrafted product batch is mixed in-house by their formulating specialist. Once complete your product comes straight off the line and then shipped straight to you. Guaranteeing the freshest and most potent product in the industry.

Product testing.

They don’t just make products. They live them. Before a product is approved. The selected formula goes through rigorous testing inside and outside of the gym. Whether the product was designed to increase your deadlift or increase your focus at the workstation. Every combination of ingredients is tested at a specific dose to ensure that your finished product will give you max results.

Super-premium everything.

The title says it all. Their team’s promise is “to leave no stones unturned”. Their branding. Supplements. Labels. Samples. Apparel and gear will be of the highest quality possible.

Their culture.

This is what brings us together. The need to be great. To be unique and to rep the best. Innovation over imitation. They underrstand that there is no magic pill. That will give us results or success. Hard work is the catalyst that will hone and shape our talents. Skills and abilities.