Building and Believing

Building and Believing

Building and believing in everything we set out to accomplish must first begin with a thought which is then followed quickly by the belief that it can be achieved. Bodybuilding, at its very core, relies heavily upon the belief that you can transform the most personal possession you own into that of what you envision. We aim to build upon our masterpiece, with compounded efforts, with each day that passes. We look at the obstacles in our way as merely fuel for our fire and we trust that our efforts will transcend through time allowing us to reach our physical destination regardless of what we had to endure to get there.

Building and believing when you begin your journey, all you have is that one thought that has propelled you into this bodybuilding arena. Your expectations are high, your excitement is contagious and your goals lofty. One look from others, one comment from someone who doesn’t understand and the reactions you may receive have the potential to end that thought instantly; but you carry on unscathed. Your belief in what you can achieve is far greater than any negativity that may come your way. You have decided to become a bodybuilder, live the lifestyle, build upon the backs of the greats that came before you and set your own course.

As you progress through your training and begin to solidify your position within the lifting community, there will be those who fall in line and start believing in what you’ve been adamant about this whole time. You have grown and are going to continue to grow massive amounts of muscle the likes of which perhaps your peers have never seen before purely based upon that one single thought and the belief you had in yourself from the very beginning that was too strong for anyone to withstand.

Day in and day out you will preside over your actions and you will trust in the process. Nothing can or will get in your way of Building and believing in your goals of becoming the best at what you do. Every single day you build, one brick at a time, one section at a time, one body part at a time until that initial thought and belief in yourself changes. You no longer carry that first vision in your mind of what you could be any longer, no my friend, we’re on to bigger and better now for your belief system in what you’re doing has grown exponentially and there is no limit now to what you think you can achieve.

You have to ask yourself these questions; if you don’t believe in yourself, who will? If you don’t put in the work, then who will? If you aren’t prepared to accept your fate and change your reality, then who will? Bodybuilding is and always will be about self- growth in all aspects of life, not just within the physicality of it all. You will gain muscle, you will get stronger and you will look the part; but it’s much more than that. Because you believed in yourself and stayed true to your ambitious goals, you also learned to accept who you are, you’ve built more self-esteem, have more self-worth and carry with you a more optimistic perspective on life. This all occurred because you had that one initial thought and followed it up by building and believing in yourself. That is what we call a true Gym Star and you are welcome here any time.

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