Buried Beneath: The Animal Within

gasp stringer t shirt

Deep in the very core of your being lies the animal within. You have done your best to conceal it, to cover it up under the layers of your GASP issued gear, but there’s no hiding it or denying its existence. Who are you trying to protect from it? Are you fearful for yourself because you have yet to learn how to reign it in while you train or do you keep it at bay because of the carnage that will ensue in its presence? You have kept your animal buried beneath for far too long. The cage door is rattling on its hinges, the locks have all snapped off and the only hope you have to keep your cover is to find others like you.

The predator within you seeks its prey daily with a vengeance. There are no apologies offered for who you are, no conscience holding you back, nothing preventing you from pursuing what is second nature to you and there is absolutely no one deranged enough to get in your way. You feed off power, strength, intensity and a never-ending thirst for more self-inflicted pain. The only way you can satiate your hunger and curb your cravings is through your training and you feed at least once per day.

Where you feast will host others doing the same. Their hunger, their yearning for more and their need to establish dominance will test your inner animal. You have two choices; fight or flight. Wrong, there is nothing fleeing about you and your choice stands; fight. However, you aren’t the type to tell people about what lies beneath. Instead, when necessary, you will remind those around you who you really are through your actions, your grind and your lifts and let them know there’s only one Alpha in this realm and you’re looking at him.

What distinguishes you from everyone else in the animal kingdom we know as the gym are your natural instincts. You were born this way and your genetic code contradicts what others see as pleasure for your pain in the gym is your pleasure. When you grip that cold steel or stare down a loaded leg press you come alive. The animal within breaks free of its chains, a cold chill engulfs your body, your inner rage starts to reach its boiling point and you become unapologetically unruly in your own kingdom.

Buried beneath lies an animal within all of us. Some of us have met the beast while others have yet to awaken it. What triggers its presence will be unique to you. How you tame it will be unique to you and what you are willing to show to the rest of the world will be up to you as well. Just know that the animal is there, waiting to be unleashed, lying dormant until you let it loose.

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