Calm in the Chaos

Wait for it. It’s coming. The calm that lies within the chaos of what you have to accomplish in the confines of your iron paradise will present itself and you must be ready. There will be a silence too hard not to acknowledge. There will be an intensity within your focus previously unattained and you will find peace within the destruction occurring around you. Only you will see it; only you will feel it and how you proceed once it appears will dictate the type of aftermath you leave in its wake.

When the calm sets in, it will make no sense to you at first. Why would anyone want to be at ease right before asking the body to go through hell and back in a fight with gravity that most mortals could not withstand? But it’s there, almost like a moment of truth for which you have to make a choice; cower or conquer? You didn’t invite it in, you have no desire to back off and your inner rage is telling you to ignore it; but you can’t. A new source of power has just introduced itself to you and unknowingly, you’re prepared to use it.

Acceptance is a state in which you can live with what happens next. In this very moment, while you set up under that loaded barbell, as you heave those 125’s into place and just before you take yourself right up to that line of insanity and safe, the calm sets in and you are in complete acceptance of whatever happens next.

An explosive display of ballistic behaviour coupled with extreme focus and power is awaiting you. The chaos you have become at ease with, the fury within your efforts and the determination in your actions have taken you from calm to chaotic. You destroy each rep, you beat your best, you set the standard for everyone around you and the only thing keeping you held together is your reasoning, your humanity and your GASP accessories that you cannot train without.

When your set is complete and you’re on your way back down, a new calm sets in. You have successfully controlled the chaos, you have made your calm a beneficiary to muscle and you’re now on to the next. Your focus, your anger, the haters, the naysayers, anyone who told you it wasn’t possible and every single emotion you contain within that resonates in times of resistance all came to a grinding halt in that moment of calmness; and along with that came clarity. You knew what had to happen, how to execute it and exactly what to expect on the other side of the chaos that was about to ensue.

Your calm will be unique to you; your chaos the same. The hope is that we all arrive at the right destination regardless of what we had to go through to get there. No one said this was going to be easy and very few have seen their efforts through to the end. But if you can weather the storm and come out on the other side better for it, we’ll be there waiting.

Welcome to Gym Star.

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