What is needed for change to occur? How do you know when change is necessary and what will it take for you to finally decide that what you’re currently doing needs revision? The answers to these questions not only serve as a notice for you to stay on top of what you are doing but also to encourage new growth, new skill acquisition and a new perspective on the efforts you currently employ to your craft. Bodybuilding is a sport that requires your attention, each and every single day, and as a byproduct of that you must be comfortable with change and be willing to create it at a moment’s notice.

You will undoubtedly be resistant at first simply due to the fact that you have found a groove in your training, in your nutrition and within every other facet of this lifestyle that has proven to be both advantageous and successful for you. So why change anything? Well, the changes don’t always have to be significant for new growth to occur. It doesn’t have to be physical in nature either. It could simply your mindset, your approach, your vision or your goals. The simplicity in the type that is needed most times is what’s lost upon us and for that, we are resistant.

When we change our mode for growth and our means by which we get there, be prepared for both the good and the bad. Perhaps what you’ve decided it will work and maybe it won’t. Accept the change you made in your preparation for what it is, observe what occurs, take note of everything that comes with it, evaluate the outcome and then make those revisions. Change needs to be calculated, planned and carefully thought out if you are staying true to the process. Take nothing for chance and just stay your course if you aren’t prepared for what may come next. This way, you’re still in control and in a much better position for change to occur when you’re ready.

It won’t be easy. Bodybuilders are creatures of habit and love routine. The day is always mapped out, the meals always prepared, the training times and exercise selection precisely picked out and everything in between has to fit within those parameters. But what if something in there does change on you? Can you accept it? Can you allow any type of change to your routine enter in and not throw you off? Are you capable of the type of flexibility one must have in order to stay the course unaffected by the unknown of it? This may be a new skill for you to acquire and you should. It is imminent as life progresses and as hard as this may be for you to hear, bodybuilding won’t always be your first priority.

Change is good and is necessary and in the grand scheme of things, change is what you are chasing. You want your body to grow, to get stronger, to look and feel better. You want your Gasp and Better Bodies clothing size to go up a notch and you want that type of change now. So why be so resistant to change? Your best course of action is to seek change with every opportunity you are presented with. Appreciate what comes with it, acknowledge it when it’s due and above all else, create the change you that you want to see.

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