Compounding Efforts

Compounding Efforts

In an age where instant gratification supersedes the concept of time for gains, many people are left to feel unsuccessful in their bodybuilding endeavours early on. When searching for the right lighting and snapping countless pictures hoping to capture something that isn’t really there becomes a priority over plain old putting in the work, Houston we have a problem. The notion of wanting something you see that you currently do not possess is understandable, but in bodybuilding terms, this immediate need or want will only relegate you further behind in your progress as the focus must be on daily effort coupled with the idea that those efforts will have a compounding effect as the days, weeks, months and years pass by. Find this mindset and then watch what happens next.

Gains are never truly linear with respect to what you can expect to happen as you transition through your bodybuilding journey. There will be weeks when everything seems to click, you’re firing on all cylinders, the weights are going up and up and the pumps beyond belief. When this occurs, run with it, enjoy it for all it’s worth and bask in the knowledge of what you are currently doing your body likes and will pay you back with dividends. However, when this phenomena doesn’t occur, push through it and force it to go away by training harder than ever before knowing that even if what you’re doing isn’t fun right now, doesn’t feel the way you want it to feel and is seemingly all for not, it isn’t and it will serve towards the compounding effect of effort you put forth over time.

The results of your consistency in the gym, at the dinner table and within all other facets of this lifestyle will present itself to you in multiple forms and at random times. Sure, you’ll be tracking your workouts through your logbook and yes you’ll be keeping an eye on the scale and of course, you’ll be checking your physique out in the mirror and rolling up the sleeves of your Gasp and Better Bodies t-shirts for a quick pump check, but where you’ll notice it most will be unexpected. Someone will make a positive comment to you that hasn’t seen you in a while, you’ll notice a new vein popping out in your arm or leg that wasn’t there before, your clothes will all of sudden feel different on you, your attitude will gradually change and your confidence with respect to dealing with the rest of the world will be better than ever. This is all a result of the compounding efforts that are occurring because of your consistency and determination within this lifestyle you have chosen to pursue.

In the end, everything will be better because you willed it to be so. There were no other routes to take, no other decisions to be made and not one person was allowed to step in your way and get you off track. You knew what would happen if you just put your head down and put in the work. You knew that each day you were building something special for yourself and felt no need whatsoever to share it with anyone else. You walked right by the instagainers, perhaps unnoticed, and got to work. You are at peace with the concept of time, you know that one day you will unveil what you have been working towards and once your compounding efforts are revealed, everyone will want to take your picture.

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