The balancing act between regular life and the lifestyle we have emersed ourselves in can be tough. So much time and effort is needed to ensure all facets for building size, strength and muscularity all while possessing the type of body composition very few will know, is an arduous task to say the least. There is no reason to complain; you chose to live this way, it is on you to succeed or fail and you have to settle in with the notion that you are in control of what happens next.

When the responsibilities outside of the gym start piling up, what’s your move? Remember, being in control is a state in which carefully thought out processes have already occurred leaving only the execution of the plan to take place. Have you mapped out your day to include the things that need to get done while allowing time for the things you want to do? Outside forces will always be present and will continue to try and interfere with your passion for training and if you allow it to, those forces will contribute to you losing control over your day and leave you wondering what went wrong.

We seek control to find comfort. When we know what is happening, when we can anticipate the outcome and when our confidence levels are sky high, we are in control. Think of when you added that new plate to the bar for the very first time. You only did so because you were ready, you felt completely in control of the last set and you knew you had this. Under a new tension, you found comfort and you only did so because of the confidence you gained from being in a position of control. You demanded more from yourself, you got more out of yourself and that carried on further into the session.

You are in control of your destiny is a phrase that is thrown around too easily. Are you really in control of your own destiny if you haven’t already taken control of the present? Are you making your own decisions? Are you the alpha of your group? Do you lead by example? Who’s in charge when you train? If being in control of your own destiny is an idealistic concept you hope to one day attain, then start now. Make all the calls, be the person to initiate change, find others like you and collaborate, make something new happen and be the person who accepts responsibility no matter the outcome. If you can do all of this, then you are in control.

The level of peace that you will acquire when the control is in your hands will appease your need for success. You decide how you’ll train. You decide what you’ll eat. You decide your schedule. You pick out the brands you want to stand behind and you decide your work output each day. This is all on you and regardless of what happens next, you can live with the fact that you made the calls and you laid down the tracks to your own destination and there’s no better way to proceed than this.

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