Counterintuitive Measures


There is nothing normal about what we do and that includes counterintuitive measures. The physicality, the mental anguish and the never-ending quest for perfection haunts us with each day that passes. We are in the depths of a love/hate relationship with a lifestyle we have chosen to live and accept and never truly knowing what fate lies ahead keeps us coming back for more. Everything we must do to keep advancing in our craft is measured by the counterintuitive thoughts and feelings that flood our souls. No one in their right mind would ever go against the grain the way we do but that’s what makes us different and that’s exactly what sets us apart from the rest.

What sane individual would ever invite pain into their life the way we do? In fact, we go in search of that pain and once found, go looking for more. Our body naturally wants to avoid pain which is why it sends out those signals that we just ignore. Instinctively, we are calibrated to avoid pain or at the very least, find a way out of it as quickly as possible; but not us. We don’t work like that, we aren’t programmed in that way and we see the inability to deal with pain as a weakness. There is a level of pain tolerance that we keep taunting, keep pushing further and further in search of our threshold only to find it and then ignore it. Counterintuitive measures aren’t something mere mortals want to go through or even understand and that’s fine. We do and want more.

We understand what it takes to grow and what needs to occur to accrue massive amounts of striated muscle. We know that along with the training pain there is an entirely different struggle that we must face and go against to ensure our success within this sport. Learning how to eat for the purpose has superseded the need to eat for pleasure, for convenience and for survival. When our body tells us that we have had enough food and should be satisfied, we keep shovelling it in. When our body tells us that we are hungry and must eat, we dismiss it until it’s time to eat again. Food is our fuel for what we must accomplish and any and all emotional attachment to food must be erased and replaced with a purpose. Again, this is all counterintuitive measures to our very being but necessary for the lofty goals we have set in stone.

The size and stature that you will eventually live within will go against all that is considered normal. When you have forced your body to grow to limits that it didn’t want to go to, you have forced your genetic hand and willed your way there. Think about what you would have looked like the void of this lifestyle. What would have been your set point? How strong do you think you’d be? How quickly would you just blend in with everyone else? Yeah, exactly, to hell with all of that. The regular intuitions that we fought off on the daily has brought us exactly to this very point in our lives and there is absolutely no way we would have it any other way.

We are different. We are on the fringe. We are bodybuilders. There isn’t a better lifestyle out there that will challenge us the way this one does, will reward us the way this one does or will test our instincts the way this one does. The strong will survive, the dedicated will surpass everyone else, counterintuitive measures we take to ensure success will be foreign to the outsiders looking in and those who have preceded you will tell you they live by one credence; who wants to be normal when normal sucks.

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