Run Your Course

Run Your Course

The future that lies ahead for you is dependent upon one thing; how you decide to run your course. The decisions you make, the obstacles you overcome, the effort you put forth and the resulting effects of those efforts are all on you. You have the power to shape your existence and you have the tools necessary every time you walk into the gym to do so. All you need is exactly what is in front of you to succeed and the will and determination that comes from within will be the driving force behind the path that you eventually follow.

You have to be free from the influences that are aiming to knock you off course. Remember, this is for you; the hours you log in the gym, the weights you load on the bar, the meals you eat when you can barely take one more bit, the meals you can’t eat while thinking about that last bite and all of the structure you have imposed upon yourself to be great all have to come from the plan that you have put in place for yourself. There will be those who offer advice with good intentions behind it and there will be others to the contrary. Remember, your destination may not be the same as their destination so continue to run your course.

Modifications and adjustments to your plan are inevitable. Just make sure that you can live with the changes you make for better or worse. No matter the outcome, you have to be at peace with what comes next. If you carry on fulfilling the needs of others to appease their ego, they make others happy, to prove others wrong or while in search of their approval, then you’re doing it all wrong. Of course, you want to make those you care for proud of you but you have to be proud of yourself first. If you can accomplish that, then it will be carried forward and the one’s you want to impress the most will be impressed.

In an effort to do everything possible you may just realize that you have done everything possible yet still find yourself wondering what more can you do? If you feel this way, it needs to be because you have something left inside of you that is still burning and something you must prove to yourself-not others. If this is true, chase it and go after it with a vengeance but do so because it’s what you want to do. You will never satisfy the expectations of someone who has never lived up to their own, so stop wasting your time chasing something that is ultimately unachievable.

Be the bodybuilder, weightlifter, fitness professional and role model that you want to be. Show up and stand tall because you got yourself to this point. Your goals, your motives, your desires and your destiny has led you to this exact moment in time and because of this, you can stand there with the dignity and integrity you deserve. This is a relentless pursuit that we are on and rarely is it forgiving but if you do it right, on your terms, it will prove to be the most satisfying of all courses you will ever run.

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