Creating Space

Creating Space

The competitive fire within is always burning. It’s in your nature to supersede any and all expectations placed upon you. You have an innate desire to beat others at their game, your game and any other game presented before you. First place is not a position you aspire to find yourself in; it’s a place where you want to live. Everything you do is calculated, drawn-out, checked off and purposely notarized so that you can ensure that with every move you make, you’re creating just a little more space each day between you and the others all chasing the same end goal.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be the best and training for that top spot. It’s what gets you up every day; it’s what motivates your actions every day; it’s what pushes you to previously unknown levels in the gym every day and it’s why you maintain this lifestyle you’ve chosen to live. As much fun as it is to do what you’re doing, it’s not always all fun and games. This is serious and you take your training seriously with each session you endure. Some may say you are unapproachable, and others will think your actions are narcissistic; let them think that. Those people will soon be a distant memory the further you distance yourself from them.

You are all too familiar with the space in front of you. The one’s you are chasing have already created that space you are actively creating for yourself; but is it too much for you to handle? Can you close the gap while you pull ahead from the others? With every move you make, are you getting closer to your objective? Is there anything else you can do to ensure you shorten that distance? What did your target do to get to where they are? All of these questions continue to circulate in your thoughts as you inch your way closer to the front runner and away from the back of the pack. Keep pushing-you’re almost there.

Your training, your diet, your consistency and your passion for this sport has brought to you more than you could have ever imagined and along with it came a significant space between who you are now and who you were then. You see, this space that you are creating isn’t just between you and others. It’s between who you were when you set out on this journey and the person you see staring back at you in the mirror now. Do you even recognize yourself now? Is it what you had expected? Are you happy? There’s no going back now because that road is far too long and the distance you’ve come far too significant to turn around at this point.

The final space you need to create for yourself is the one you live in. Can you be satisfied with what you eventually end up making for yourself? You have to be otherwise all of your efforts were for not. Be happy with what you have accomplished and be content with your standing within this sport. If that means you find yourself in that top spot, then congratulations. If it means you dwell in the middle of the pack, then congratulations. If it means you always feel there’s more work to be done and more distance to create, then forge on. The space we seek for ourselves will change with our circumstances. As long as you are aware of that, then you will be fine. In the meantime, keep training to ensure the space you do create is a space you enjoy.

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