Decisions, Dreams and Your Destiny

Decisions, Dreams and Your Destiny

Indecision and procrastination will lead you down a path of unsuccessful thought. Not understanding that you must make the correct moves for you and your goals will only lead you to failure. Your dreams are far too big to allow any missteps to occur and to conquer them, you must believe that every action you take will get you that much closer to what you are trying to fulfill. That void, the emptiness and that yearning for something greater than yourself is your destiny. It is out there waiting for you to grab it, waiting for you to fight with everything you’ve got to earn it and the culmination of your decisions and dreams is what will ultimately get you there.

Every single day you have to make conscious and unconscious decisions about what it is you are trying to achieve. What time should you set your alarm? When are you going to fit your cardio in that day? How long do you have to train at the gym? What meals do you need to pack and bring with you? What Gasp or Better Bodies clothing will you wear to the office because you’ve grown out of all your ‘normal’ clothes and so many more decisions pending your response. Sometimes there is a glaringly obvious answer and move you must make and sometimes there’s not; but remember, indecisiveness will get you nowhere so make a choice, stick with it, ride it out to see where it takes you and then re-evaluate later on if necessary.

In and amongst all of these daily decisions you have to make, both for the short term and long term, are all of the dreams you have floating around for yourself pertaining to this lifestyle you’ve decided to live. The accolades you hope to garner, the trophies you want to place on your mantel, the sponsorships, the pro card, the money, the fame and everything you see that has appealed so much to you are all there in your thoughts and dreams. With each decision you make, you hope it takes you one step closer to all or even any of those things otherwise what’s the purpose behind what you’re doing in the first place? Is your dream just to be happy and to feel satisfied or is it bigger than that?

No one truly knows for sure what their destiny is but many people do have a feeling about what it is they should be and need to be doing. Does what you’re doing right now, based on the decisions you’ve made and the dreams you have for yourself, feel like you’re headed down the right path for you? Are you comfortable and excited about where you’re going? Can you wake up each day full of zest and energy to conquer what’s ahead and what’s waiting for you that day? Are you constantly seeking more with every move you make? If you know the answer to all of these questions and feel right about where you’re at right now, then surely your destiny is not far away and to achieve it all you just need to stay the course.

The lifestyle you have chosen to live will always be filled with its ups and downs. You will have your good days and your bad days. You will have times when you question why you’re doing this day after day, the same routine, the same foods, the same exercises, the same hopes and the same level of discipline that’s necessary to be successful and you should know that it’s normal to have that thought. All tied together, your decisions, your dreams and your destiny is a lot to carry and even more to accomplish. If you have set the bar high for yourself, and I’m sure you have, then this is going to be a monster of a task to complete but one you have the ability to do. Be strong, be decisive, set lofty goals and go after it with all that you’ve got because it will be worth it in the end.

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