Delight in Destruction

Delight in Destruction

The conflict we cater to each day represents the passion we hold for the destruction of our former self to the rebuilding of something we can be proud of. Every time we hit the gym, it is an all-out assault on who we currently are. We are there to destroy what we currently possess in order to create something new. What we did yesterday won’t suffice today. The gains we made last week, need to be beaten this week. The progress we saw in the mirror or in the photos during our last check-in, won’t cut it for the next check-in. We are always on the path of destruction and take great delight in doing so.

How do we know we’ve done enough? The execution of our workouts will determine the level of destruction we incur. The intensity we employ to the exercises selected with cast light on the path ahead and the pain we are in search of will be waiting if all is done correctly. The collapse of our former physique through the tortuous sessions we aim to endure will be a stark reminder of the work that lies ahead. Yes, we may be broken when the workout has been completed but the joy of knowing that we laid that next brick is what allows us to rise from the ashes even stronger than we were before.

We are going to feel beat up. We are going to go through times when we question our actions and second guess our motives. Remember, nothing great was ever built in a day and neither will the physique you are striving towards. Take it all in stride and simply forge ahead. There will always be doubt in the destruction when not knowing exactly what is going to happen on the other side. The only comforting thought that exists in these times is that it can only get better from here and it will.

Start building today. No matter how far off the course you have gone, no matter how much you have regressed in your development and regardless of the fact that you may feel like you are starting at square one, at least you’re starting. Even though you may have destroyed your former physique by taking time away from this lifestyle for whatever the reason, take solace in the fact that the rebuild and the stages you will progress through will bring your great delight. It won’t be easy, it never is, but you have your plan and you have your work in front of you so why wait any longer?

Sometimes to build upon something to make it better, you have to first break it down. There will always be room for improvement and if you’re willing to go to the lengths it may take to accomplish this task, then you are ready for a new you. Take pride in the punishment you inflict upon yourself. Know that the pain you carry with you each day is positive pain and find enjoyment in your self-destructive ways.

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