Demo Day: Destroy Your Workout

The gym will represent a different facet of life for each and every member within it. For some, it will be a place of iron worship where goals and dreams are prayed for and accomplished. For others, it will be a gathering of like-minded individuals all working towards bettering themselves both physically and mentally. Finally, the gym is a refuge to all those wanting and willing to make a positive change in their lives and the possibilities of that change and the degree to which that change can occur relies heavily upon how bad you want it. Are you there for leisure or are you there to put in the work and destroy your workout because it’s Demo Day and you better be ready for what is about to occur.

Mass controlled chaos is on the horizon for every gym out there that fosters dedicated and hard-working individuals. There will be a level of motivation perhaps unseen for months yet clearly visible to the naked eye once unleashed. The anger, the determination, the ferocity and the lethalness of every action taken by those willing a change upon themselves may be frightening if you aren’t prepared to witness it. The atmosphere within the destruction occurring all around you will leave you lost if you don’t already have your own path to follow. Full body demolitions are taking place right in front of you only to be reconstructed with greater integrity and size. It’s time for you to get on board or get out.

There will be times when you have to completely scrap everything you’ve been doing and start from scratch. Progress begins in the rubble of what’s left after you’ve destroyed your workout. When you approach your training sessions like they are demo days, you will find a therapeutic sense of release, accomplishment and optimism in that even though you are broken down for the time being, what you’ve done makes way for what is to come and that’s a stronger more improved version of you. You have to break it down to build it up and it all begins with how you train.

The intensity you employ within your training to destroy your workout will set the tone for just how much destruction will incur. If you’re just moving weights around with no real purpose or end goal, then so be it. Your demo will still be going on while the rest of us are in the building stages of our plans. We’ll be the ones who have gone past the pain of seeing everything getting torn down and are now watching our visions become reality one brick at a time. Our skills within the trade of building muscle allow us to see past the self-inflicted destruction of every rep we complete. Our knowledge of the process supports every decision we make and our willingness to demo every workout we engage in will set us apart from the rest.

When your workout has been completed and you’ve accomplished everything you set out to achieve within a training session, you should feel absolutely destroyed. This is an all-out assault on your body and mind when pushing the limits to what you are able to withstand. The integrity of your physique is built by testing the fortitude of your structure and strengthening its weak points. You do that by trying to break down what’s already there while reinforcing what you already have. That’s what demo days in the gym are and the more of these you can put together, the closer you get to realizing your dreams and destroy your workout.

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