Double Down and Bet on Yourself

Believing is a state in which you allow your thoughts to explore the endless possibilities that await for you out there. It should also be the primary driving force that is propelling you towards the greatness you seek. There will be those who try to counter your beliefs with negativity and discouragement. They cannot and will not be able to understand what it is you’re working towards because they lack belief in themselves. When you are faced with this type of dismissal all you should do is double down and bet on yourself and what it is you are trying to achieve and beat the naysayers with your success.

Bodybuilding takes time. There are no shortcuts, no magic recipes, no perfect training programs and certainly no cheerleaders pumping our tires when we’re feeling down on ourselves and our current progress. That’s when that belief in what we are working towards kicks into gear, slaps us with a reality check and puts us right back on the path within the system we have created for growth. Remember, there are no safety nets in this game, no one who will be there to pick up the pieces and put them back together for you which is why you have to count on only you to make this happen.

If you can take the approach that you have nothing to lose in your endeavours and everything to gain, a brand new perspective on training and what you can accomplish will settle in. You will be confident, you will see the positive benefits of your plan and finding security in what it is you’re doing will only strengthen your will and determination. In essence, you will have found your trump card and can knowingly play it at will to enhance your prospects for muscular success.

When you double down and bet on yourself knowing that you have nothing to lose, you become a dangerous individual. You will have a reckless abandonment within your training, your actions will become bolder and your moves bigger. Your Gasp Hoodies become Stringers and you walk that fine line of insanity while proving your worth. You owe it to yourself to leave nothing to chance and everything to what you’ve already put forth knowing that someday you will be rewarded as the betting limit you have set on yourself continues to rise.

If fame and fortune are what you are looking for within the world of bodybuilding then get in line. There are no jackpots to be won around here as our Vegas is only for the big show. To get there though, you’ll have to continue placing bets on the strategies you believe match up best with your efforts and roll the dice every once in a while. Remember, you will not succeed if you don’t go all-in right from the start. You might be here to play the long game and success can sometimes be short-lived but what matters most is the fact that you had the courage to believe in yourself, even in times when the chips were down and in my books, that’s a win and that’s how you double down.

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