Driven by Passion and Fuelled by Failure

Driven by Passion and Fuelled by Failure

There are certain words in the English vocabulary that you just don’t understand. One of them is quit and the other is failure. The very definition for which both of these words stand for have been remitted from your conscious thought and replaced instead with passion and persistence. You are a highly motivated and driven individual who cannot stand the thought or prospect of a life void of significant achievement. You begin your day with purpose, enlightened by the endless possibilities filling your day and strive with every waking minute to kick failure square in the face the moment it presents itself.

As determined as you are to conquer all that you set out to accomplish, despite the resistance you will face, there is one place where you will allow the force to meet failure; the gym. It is here where you will allow yourself to be buried underneath the iron, you will succumb to the pressure and the pain and you will allow failure to creep into your life but only when your body and then your mind says so. This failure is welcomed, this form of failure excites you and becomes the inciting force for what you will aim to achieve next.

When you’re triggered and have committed to a new process within your training, it is your passion for this sport, your angst towards the thought of not getting stronger and building more muscle that drives you to explore new dimensions of self-growth. You will tempt fate, you will mock failure and the vision you have for yourself may seem inconceivable at first but you have an ace up your sleeve; an unrelenting passion for this process and the last thing you will ever accept in your life is the thought of failing at your attempt.

The fear of failure is strong and inevitably becomes a driving force in your mindset and in your approach to all that you do. No one wants to achieve less and everyone wants success but because we are so passionate about our bodybuilding lifestyle and so determined to prosper within it, we guard our ambitions and simply let our actions and outcomes do the talking for us. Real passion is shown through the examples that we set, the obstacles that we overcome and how we will always show up at the gym for our workouts no matter what.

In an age where instant gratification has seemingly taken precedence over process, the fear of failure has almost been completely eliminated because it’s too easy to move onto the next now. Well, you won’t find what you’re looking for here in our world because what we’re building takes time, patience, a lifetime of passion and an understanding that failure for us is a double-edged sword. Nothing worthwhile happens instantaneously and bodybuilding is no exception. You have to love it to stay in it and it’s the passion you possess that will strike down your fear of failure and allow you to proceed and be relentless which is a word you are all too familiar with.

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