Exacting Effort

Differentiating between what requires your immediate attention and what can wait, with regards to building your physique, will determine where you exact all of your effort. Even though the summation of your efforts will ultimately determine your fate, there are times when the pressure to build certain areas of your body take precedence over others and in situations such as these, where you allot your time and attention counts.

The significance of this effort is not to be lost on days when you are keeping up with your training for stronger body parts (always go hard no matter what), it’s just that frequency, volume and intensity may need to be adjusted to account for the need for immediate growth.

The level at which you work and employ your effort will be unique to you and how you quantify both the action and the outcome is completely dependent upon what you know. What effort looks like to you may not look the same for others. That’s not to say that you are working harder than others, or they are working harder than you, it’s just a simple measure of your ability to withstand the output behind time and intensity that makes the difference.

Regardless of what training day of the week it is, you have to have a specific set of success criteria to determine your effort for each day. If it means you shouldn’t be able to walk out of the gym after leg day or that you can’t pull your shirt off because of the pump, there needs to be some way to identify the amount of effort you put forth that day.

Exactly where your focus needs to be may prove to be a counter-intuitive endeavor. You may not realize it, but you could be putting more effort than need be into certain components of this lifestyle. For example, if you spend a significant amount of time searching for the perfect training program, and then analyze everything you do while training, you might be missing out on what’s most important of all and that’s the act of training itself.

Or, you could be ultra-focused on your nutrition and supplementation yet your workouts are subpar at best. Yes, you need to be one hundred percent focused on all of these facets, but don’t negate the importance of just getting in the gym and getting things done either.

The question then remains; what exactly do you need and where should you shift your efforts moving forward? Taking stock of your current status will always prove to be good practice, however, having a second or even third set of trusted eyes that will give you honest feedback may prove to be most advantageous of all.

The point being made is that to ensure all your efforts are focused and on point, you need to gather the most information about yourself that you can, create a plan that is decisive and conducive to your goals, know when to punch the gas and when to pump the brakes during your training week to allot for needed energy on certain days and then maximize your time in all the right places. Once you have figured out all of that, you’ll be exactly where you need to be.

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