Finding Freedom

Finding Freedom

There’s a reason you train the way you do. The approach you take and the sacrifices you make daily to ensure you meet your own expectations, finding freedom, have led you down the path you’re on. How you decide your split, your exercise sequences, the variation in movements, is all a construct of what you believe it will take to be great. All of the decisions you’ve made regarding the experience you want to have in the gym, has all come from your belief in what you’re doing; or has it?

Finding Freedom In Your Training

Hopefully, you’re training for you and doing everything you can possibly imagine in order to fulfill your training needs. If not, why are you training the way you do? Have you been given a training program that has been constructed by someone else with the promise of size and strength behind it, without consulting your strengths and weaknesses first? Were you able to give your input so that the plan devised best meets your needs? If not and you’re simply a good solider, forging ahead without question, you may want to stop and ask questions about finding freedom.

Keep It Simple

Drawing up your program doesn’t have to be arduous and complicated. There also aren’t any rules that you really have to follow. Sure, some movements and exercises have yielded tremendous results for thousands of people, and those aren’t to be ignored. But just because someone tells you that in order to have big legs you have to squat, or to build a world class back you have to pull deads from the floor, doesn’t necessarily mean that it will provide the same benefits for you. The point being made here is don’t lock yourself into an approach for the sole reason that others are doing it so you should be doing it too.

Create Your Guidelines

There’s a lightness to it all when you free yourself from the confines of what you should be doing. When you leave the rules and guidelines behind and when you decide for yourself that you’re going to enjoy training versus trying to fight the anxiety that has riddled so many of our workouts thinking we have to do this or that, you will begin to see better results. The stress of training is hard enough let alone the stress of trying to accomplish something that isn’t suited for you. Go at it on your own and be free to choose how you train. That’s finding freedom.

There’s A Lot Of Benefits

The benefits will be plenty when finding freedom. The mental aspect of it all may prove to be the most advantageous. You don’t have to utilize exercises that you don’t enjoy. You don’t have to follow certain sequences to tax the muscle correctly. You don’t have to perform exercises that are supposed to give you great mind to muscle connections but provide nothing for you and you also don’t have to be like anyone else in the gym to accrue the type of size or strength they possess. Bodybuilding is about as unique as you can get when it comes to formulating a plan for success and what works for you, works for you so remember that.

The Final Thought

You have to love what you do so that it doesn’t end up feeling like a dead-end job. Training is the best part of the day for many of us, so why imbed certain aspects that turn us off from the whole experience. Be free to train how you want. Be instinctive in your approach. Be excited about each workout and above all else, be you. Find what works and stick with it or don’t. Love what you do and everything else will fall into place.

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