What’s Your Game Plan?

What’s Your Game Plan?

There’s a reason you entered the iron universe. Something about this lifestyle resonated with you to the point of no return. You felt compelled to test your might against gravity and to win. An unrelenting pull that you could no longer resist led you right into the path of positive destruction and you felt right at home. You can’t imagine living any other way; but what’s the plan? What are you trying to accomplish? Why are you here? There’s a beginning and an end to everything. What you do in between is what matters most so again I ask you, what’s your game plan?

If you believe you are destined to rise through the ranks and settle in at the top of the sport, then you have much work to do. The list of what you have to accomplish each day to ensure your ascent just grew exponentially. You are looking up at a mountain that you now have to climb and before you start, there are certain facets of this endeavor that you will need to put in place. This is no joke, there is no winging it, you can’t start and just wait to see what happens and you certainly cannot begin without a plan in place. Just like Everest, many start the journey but very few find their way to the top.

Your preparation will be the caveat to your success or demise. The consistency for which you apply to your craft will separate you from the pack. The ability to remove yourself from situations and opportunities that will present themselves to you that offer nothing but a reason to have to start all over again is critical. Remember, nothing can be left to chance here, and you have to stick to the plan to see success. If you aren’t ready for this, then you aren’t ready for the responsibilities of being at the top.

Who will you have in your corner? Do they need to be there? Are they supporting what you are trying to achieve? Are they apart of your game plan? The support system you put in place will play a bigger role than you think. Their advice, encouragement and care for what you are trying to accomplish has to be a part of the structure within your plan. It will become a pillar to maintain the integrity of your plan and allow you to move forward knowing the strength of your strategy just got stronger.

The X’s and O’s of any strategic game plan is important. The execution of how this plays out is important and what you get done each day is important but there has to be more than that. Where you begin and where you end won’t necessarily be what you are remembered for within this sport. The highlights of the game will be what you do along the way, who you inspire, who you help and who you motivate to be better. Yes, this is a selfish sport at times, but it doesn’t always have to be like that. Look around and see the influence you have on others. It’s your move; what’s your game plan now?

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