Grind and Grit


Bodybuilding isn’t a sport for the weak. The physicality, the mental discipline and the overwhelming need for patience is often times far too much for anyone to handle. When you are in the depths of building muscle and completely submerged within the set you are trying to complete, a stronger force must arise in order to propel you back up and out of that darkness. You willingness to dig in, to find the grit you possess and to grind and grit your way through even the harshest of resistance conditions, is what will ultimately set you apart from the rest.

What does it mean to have grit? It means you carry with you a sense of urgency, a model of effort unlike those around you and a significant ability to work in the face of adversity. You don’t care about what has been deemed possible or impossible, it doesn’t matter to you if those before you have failed and you could care less about the possibility of you being unsuccessful in your attempts. All that matters is when you cinch up your Gasp weight belt, tighten your Gasp wrist wraps and take a quick whiff of those smelling salts, you know you’re about to give it your all regardless of the outcome.

Your grind is yours and no one else’s. Your daily struggles, your lengthy and lofty goals and everything that you must go through to get there are simply yours. You don’t need help from anyone nor do you ask. You have accepted all of that despite others telling you to take it easy and find a new route because you understand the pay off that’s waiting for you at the end of your grind and grit. New muscle, new strength and a new version of you awaits and whatever your grind evolves into along the way, you’re good with it and invite it into your life for the greater good of your success.

At first, it may seem incomprehensible to others on the outside looking in. Why would anyone want to go through so much self-inflicted pain for a few brief moments in the gym when your body is so pumped it feels like it might explode? Why would anyone in their right mind put themselves at risk under a loaded barbell just to move weight from one point to another? Why would anyone starve themselves just to see what their muscles look like? None of this is intuitive in nature but neither is the alternative, at least to us it’s not.

True grind and grit comes from within. It will develop over time but you either have it or you don’t. It is an innate response to resistance and pressure from outside sources coupled with those forces you decide to apply on yourself. You have most likely chosen the world of bodybuilding because you felt an itch inside that you just couldn’t scratch and when you grasped your first barbell, that itch went away. You need the grind, you need to unleash your grit and you need something to fight every single day. It’s in you and always has been; accept it, lift and be stronger than the rest.

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