Gym Persona 101: Class is now In Session

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First impressions occur only once. Lasting impressions are curated through actions, purpose and demeanor. Who then are you when you walk through that gym door? Are you the person you’re just supposed to be or do you transform into a being capable of controlled destruction and chaos? Your gym persona matters and creates culture where you train. If you’re of the few who dominate in your realm then all eyes are on you and it’s your responsibility to set the tone and create the atmosphere where you train.

A mundane existence is not even on your radar. You’re in the gym to perform and outperform those still finding their way. You’re at the front of the pack and have no need to look back. The distance you’ve created between you and others is too significant for anyone to catch up. Your training, your dedication, your consistency and your sheer will to be better with every waking minute has been taken out on the iron and you’ve earned your respect.

When people see you they stop and want to know more. How have you achieved such status, how have you been able to build a physique unlike anything they’ve ever seen and what will you be willing to show them through your actions as you toil away at your craft? Does the clothing you wear leave those watching wondering what type of mass monster lives underneath or do you allow yourself to be exposed so that everyone can see what you’ve been working on through the years? Yes, that’s right. People are paying attention to what you wear when you train and you are aware of that which is why you’ve methodically chosen Gasp and Better Bodies to highlight the features of your structure while either staying covered up or on full display.

Your gym persona matters more than you might know. There will be patrons there who aspire to be like you. There will be people who will assume direct competition with you whether you’re aware of it or not and then there will be those who gaze in astonishment and complete disbelief that someone of your stature actually trains next to them. How you present yourself to the world matters so you better put as much effort into that as you do with your training. Remember, that first impression will trigger and invoke a plethora of responses wherever you go. It’s important you recognize and know that and take pride in how you look. However, with that in mind, it’s the lasting impressions that matter most. What will you be known for, what stories will be told about you and what will people come to expect of you? The answers to those questions are on you. Be the part, act the part, look the part and know that who you are at the gym is important not only for you but those around you as well.

Class has now been dismissed.


Items worn in photos:

GASP Layered HoodieGASP Vintage SweatpantsGASP Iron TeeGASP StringerGASP Cap

Modeled by Justin Mondor

Location in Regina SK Canada, Brickhouse Gym Inc

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