Intensity Intellect

The Delivery of Discipline

The harder you train, the better the results and intensity intellect plays a major role. The stricter you are with your approach, the greater the outcome. The more tenacity and tireless effort that you put out there, the larger the acquisition of muscle that you will eventually acquire becomes. The more focused your goals turn into, the higher the level of intensity that you need to obtain such goals, will evolve. The question now is, how far are you willing to take this to achieve what you’ve set out to create? To what degree can you push your limits in the gym for the sake of mass? What are you willing to do and put your body through to get to the highest echelon of this sport? The best approach will always be the smartest approach and your intensity intellect should always cast a light on the path ahead.

The fine line between intensity and insanity is one we walk feverishly each day. Intensity intellect helps to guide your production. Knowing how hard to push and pull in the gym, knowing what could happen under that loaded barbell, the long term sacrifices we make each training session as we trash our structure with enormous amounts of weight, forcing our body to adapt to something it doesn’t want to adapt to, is what we do. Not knowing when to give up will ultimately be our downfall but it’s the catalyst as well, for creating the vision of ourselves that we have in our minds. We don’t know when to stop, when to pump the brakes, when to yield to the pain we are experiencing or when to call it a day. It’s the secret weapon we have developed through the research we’ve done on ourselves that has provided us with this knowledge of intensity that allows us to forge ahead unbounded and without limitation.

Most of us only know one way – the hard way. The grind, the relentlessness pursuit, the agonizing positive pain, the sheer determination to get past that pain and the everlasting consistency to do this day in and day out. We’ve accrued enough intellectual property about our physiques and mental capabilities that we can make conscious decisions quite rapidly about what we can and can’t do. We know what it feels like to punch the gas and expedite the physical limitations previously set upon us and we know the type of mindset this takes. We understand that intensity rules and we respect that. We have learned what intensity means and we have developed a sense of how and when to use it for our greater good. The chaos you may see when we train is controlled and calculated with much thought involved, because intensity intellect has dictated to us, that this has to happen.

Do not mistake intensity for insanity. That fine line we are walking is one we have full balance of. Our use of intensity comes from an educated approach with years of anecdotal evidence to support it so that we can capitalize upon it. Whether our intensity is fueled intrinsically or extrinsically, it doesn’t matter. We figured out a way to harness it all and apply it to everything we do to further our ambitions. Yes, we may seem unapproachable. Yes, you may be intimidated by us and yes, our intensity will manifest itself in many different forms. All that you have to know is that if you can’t understand what you’re looking at when we are peaking out in the realm of intensity, just step back and enjoy the show while knowing, you still have a lot to learn.

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