Leveling Leadership


Being an individual for which others aspire to be and look to for inspiration and reassurance is nothing to take lightly. When you find yourself in a position of leadership, take it seriously and assume all responsibilities that come with it. You will find that in doing so, a greater satisfaction than even your own progress and gain will occur and you will come to realize that by levelling your own leadership, you can make change in the lives of others for the greater good of this sport. The best part about this entire process is that you don’t have to do it completely alone but rather respond to the feedback given to you by others so that the leadership is shared and ultimately respected.

As a leader in the fitness and bodybuilding community, you do not have to think that you must know everything there is to know. In fact, all you need to be great at is being able to find or help others find the answers to their problems or situations and foster growth within the individual themselves. Assume the role of a trouble-shooter, be a sounding board, offer advice and suggestions, share your own path and allow others space to practice what you preach uninterrupted. In time you will see these people will return for your continued assistance and all you have to do is smile and oblige.

Sometimes being a leader can be tough. There will be times when you have to make the difficult calls and decisions and provide the harsh truth. What you have to say may not be received well at all. Your observations may be frustrating or aggravating to those who are listening. In spite of all that and in the face of possible adversity, as a leader you have to find a way through the disappointment to show a greater and more proficient path that promises to yield even greater results. This is how you demonstrate your leadership and retain trust. Honesty and the ability to provide next steps will always be what sets you apart from the rest and keep you in that leadership role.

Embedded within all of the qualities it takes to be a leader is probably the most important aspect of all; your time. When you give others your time and are completely genuine about it, you will see how quickly trust, motivation and inspiration develop. When you’re in the gym and ultra-focused on your training session, it can be frustrating when you get interrupted. But remember this, how you respond will shape the way others view you. If you are dismissive yet continue on with the assumption that you are in fact a leader in this industry, you’ll quickly see your followers diminish. If you understand the situation and put your own needs on hold for just a minute, you will be highly respected, sought after and looked upon as a true leader.

The fitness and bodybuilding community needs great people to lead us into the future. We need individuals who are genuinely in it to help others, show the benefits of living the lifestyle and relegate all the negativity to the side by paving the way through positivity. Whether you write, vlog, blog or post on your social media platform, always be conscious of the fact that people are watching and wanting to know more. Lead the way by being better every day and use your platform to enhance the lives of those viewing. You have a unique opportunity as a leader within this little culture of ours; use it for the greater good.

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