Levels: Your Bodybuilding Journey

We all have to start somewhere. When you’re at the foot of the mountain, the peak of it just seems impossible to reach. Your goal to be the best possible version of yourself has to have a beginning in order for there to be a bodybuilding journey. Your next move is the most important one and establishing exactly where you are, at this point in time and being at peace with it, is incredibly important to the process. There is an understanding within the bodybuilding world that each of us is working at different levels and it takes time to move on to the next but when you breach the apex of that mountain you’re climbing, the feeling that ensues is like no other.

Comparing yourself to others will serve you no good purpose. You are on your own unique bodybuilding journey, the obstacles in your level will differ from those around you and what it will take from you to achieve a new status may be more difficult than most. Looking around, you don’t know what others have gone through to make it to where they are. You have no idea how many hours have been spent in the gym, how much money on food and supplements has been invested, the number of sweat-soaked GASP Tank Tops that have been worn and what the overall goal is. It doesn’t matter though; your level is yours to beat and theirs is either one you’re chasing or one you’ve already surpassed.

Training will take on a whole new feeling and perspective for you when you witness that next level. You will be startled, you will second guess your current efforts and you will begin to wonder if it is even worth it once you have your first encounter with that next level. It will look violent, it will invoke fear within you and it will either invigorate or annihilate all of your current hopes and dreams. The next level will be a lesson in what it takes to be great. The next level will test you in ways you didn’t even know existed and the next level will crush or create you. Are you sure you’re ready for the next level?

It doesn’t matter how much you want this if you’re not willing to seek out and do what’s necessary to become a part of the next level. The one’s that are already at the top have solidified themselves as pillars within the highest levels of this sport because they were destined and determined to be great. It doesn’t just happen by chance; it is a calculated and methodically planned out climb to the top with precision and perfection guiding the way and it can be your path too if you have what it takes.

You have to start somewhere. It doesn’t matter where that bodybuilding journey is, it doesn’t matter what advantages or disadvantages you may have had and it certainly won’t be an excuse anyone will accept as you make your way through each level. If you want to reach your pinnacle within this sport then sacrifice will have to be made and struggles will have to be ensured then conquered. No path to the top is equal or the same for everyone but what awaits for you at the next level can be appreciated by all. Nothing worth achieving ever came easy and bodybuilding is no exception so forge on my friends and I’ll see you along the way.

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