Mirror, Mirror

Mirror Mirror

Mirror, mirror, what do you see in your reflection? Do you see the culmination of the years you have dedicated yourself to the iron game or do you still see a work in progress? Some of us will be content with the image starring back at us while many will only see the blueprint for the greater project to come. How you view yourself plays an integral role in how you proceed moving forward with your training, your nutrition, your goals and your ambitions. It’s ok to be satisfied, but it’s even better to stay hungry and want more.

When you’re locked in and fully connected to the training session you’re going through, all you can see is you. From the Gasp Hoodie, you have on that covers up your worth, to the headphones blaring music and blocking out the rest of the world to the grimace on your face as you push through those last reps; all you see is you. Your form, your movement manipulations, your precise technique and the visual wonder that you are all being reflected, all in plain sight for others to view, all being put on display just for you.

Can you look yourself straight in the eyes knowing that no shortcuts were ever taken, all of the hard work has been completed and you left nothing to chance with everything you have done? Being able to confidently stare down your harshest critic right in the eyes is a position you must get comfortable with. No one can see your flaws better than you, no one will be able to point out the holes in your physique like you and rarely will anyone ever suggest that perhaps enough is enough and you’ve done and accomplished all that you can. Why? Well, you wouldn’t listen anyway and you probably wouldn’t even know someone was there in the first place as all you can see is you.

You practise your posing hour after hour. You spend more time in the mirror than anyone else you know. People say you are narcissistic and love looking at yourself, but they don’t know. The mirror to you is just one more tool you have at your disposal as you build your way through that blueprint you see in the mirror. Your reflection is a necessity for the overall outcome you are striving towards. The mirror has become your friend and foe and there are days when you want nothing to do with it. Every time you look in it you are reminded of the work that still needs to get done. People won’t understand and that’s fine.

When the day comes that you decide to show others what you have seen, what the mirror has seen and what you’ve been hiding away from others, it will all be worth it. The comments, the reputation, the jealousy, the love and the hate will all come to a head as you say to yourself, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the greatest bodybuilder of them all?” Your answer to that question will be a the true reflection of what you’ve been waiting to see and no one else will ever see it but you.

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