Misguided Goals

Misguided Goals

The creation of the physique you see standing before you when you look in the mirror is a construct of the entirety of your efforts and your goals, but were these misguided goals? The form that has taken shape, the muscularity you possess and the overall feeling of indestructibility, is all a result of following those early goals you had set for yourself. Where did these goals come from? What influences did you have in your life guiding you this way and how have you benefited from these early goals and influences not only as a bodybuilder, but as a better individual overall?

Your bodybuilding ambitions came from somewhere and the hope is that the goals you set for yourself did not come from a misguided source. Did you have any misguided goals? Those who get into bodybuilding and strength training seeking out the promise of fame and fortune with quickly have their ambitions fizzle out and find themselves moving onto something else. Those who get into bodybuilding for the purpose of garnering more attention to enhance their social standing among their peers because that’s what they think will happen, will quickly realize very few actually care. And those who assume respect and or fear from others goes hand in hand with every new ounce of muscle that is put on because that’s how they once looked at another, are just simply doing it for the wrong reason.

Bodybuilding, at its very core, is about you being the perfect blend of size, shape, muscularity, power, stature and well-being that you can possibly be for yourself. The goal should always be to become better the next day by virtue of the actions you take the day before. You are building yourself as a whole, not just the physical realm, but as an individual who knows how to apply discipline, dedication, persistence and grit when dead set on accomplishing a goal. This will transcend into other areas of your life which is why bodybuilding has taken on so many forms for so many different people allowing them to realize the true potential within the goals they have created rather than the misguided goals.

So, make sure that everything you are working towards is being done for the right reasons. You have to do it for you, for the people who depend on you and for the love of it all. Don’t be misguided in your reasoning, your efforts, your plan or your end game. It won’t work out the way you want it to. Be all in for you and those ambitious goals you once had and hopefully still have. The best part about bodybuilding is that you are in full control of your destiny. You choose how this game plays out; you decide what’s best for you and no one else; you find pleasure in the pain you put yourself through each day you train, and you be at peace with the direction your life has taken as a byproduct of living this lifestyle.

When all is said and done and you find yourself looking into that mirror again, will you be satisfied with what just transpired? Were you able to distance yourself from the misguided goals? Were you free from the outside influences trying to pull you one way or the other? Did you have a say in why you did what you did? Did your motivation stem from the right spot? Was the approach you ultimately took the right one for you? Being able to answer yes to all of these questions will prove to be the only guidance you ever really need.

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