OPS Edition GASP Tee

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Purpose-Built, No-nonsense Work Clothes. You know how to get things done, you take no shit and no prisoners. Rugged, raw, tough + functional with a unique process to completely repel all moisture for the gym or out. 

Rigorous Tactical Product Testing was conducted by Real World Tactical, Director of Operations, Tony Sentmanat who is a Marine Corps Veteran and retired Law Enforcement SWAT Operator. Follow Tony's training @realworld_tactical

  • semi-fitted, tapers from chest to bottom
  • capped sleeve for a close, comfortable fit on your bicep
  • hydrophilic textile technology that repels sweat

The GASP Design Team worked tirelessly with Tony to design and test the hard-as-nails OPS Edition pieces for you. We hope you notice + appreciate the meticulous craftsmanship in this tee. "Not just a tee" 

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Built for The Gym with 

lightweight 100% hydrophilic polyester textile [ unique process to repel ultimate moisture ]  

Semi-fitted. Follows the bodybuilder contours.   

Chest width in inches ¦ M:21.5  L:23 • XL:24  XXL:25

Have a favourite semi-fitted tee? Grab it and measure one side and compare to the measurements above to get your GASP size. 

Perfect length past the hip. 

Length in inches ¦ M:29  L:30  XL:31.5  XXL:32

Tapered length meaning not a straight cut as the chest varies from bottom width. See all measurements listed for the best GASP fit for you. 

Bottom width in inches ¦ M:20  L:21  XL:22  XXL:23

Also see GASP Built-for-Bodybuilders Sizing

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Gender Men's
Fit Semi-fitted
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