Own Your Process

Own Your Process

You are responsible for yourself and your process. The wins, the losses, the highs and the lows, all belong to you. There are decisions to be made every day, whether you like them or not, and it is on your person to make the right call. There will be no one else to blame, no one else to share the victory with and no safety nets should you fail. This process belongs to you. The control, the vision, the happiness and the heartaches are all a part of the game you have decided to play and when and only when you are willing to accept that, can you move forward in completing this journey.

Bodybuilding will sometimes feel like one gigantic jigsaw puzzle. You will actively engage in trying to solve it with every step you take, knowing that one misstep could lead you to your own demise. If this should occur, own it and move forward. Don’t blame your coach, don’t point to the world around you for not providing a perfect scenario for success and don’t come down on those who actually do care about you and your quest. No one made you do this; no one appointed you as a bodybuilder and very few will even understand what it is you’re trying to accomplish. So keep it to yourself and forge on.

It is easy to lay blame when the chips are down. It’s even easier to take all the credit when favouring fortune but you cannot have it both ways. However this bodybuilding endeavour of yours plays out, you must always own your process and accept everything that happens as your own doing whether it be good or bad. This in itself will be the truest test of your muscular ownership and will ultimately secure your responsibilities within the visions and goals you have set for yourself.

There will come a time when you do feel the need to reach out for help. You may require direction with your nutrition, your training, your supplementation or your business ventures within the bodybuilding and fitness world. If so, then ask but do not relinquish ownership in the process. This is your life and you have to be able to carry on once all is said and done as unscathed as possible. Those who help along the way will fade and you will be left alone once again to deal with all of the decisions you made; make sure that you can.

It is very easy to get misguided in this lifestyle. Many will have an opinion, many will claim expert status and all will angle to outperform those around for any advantage possible. It is incredibly important that you become discerning in your approach, keep those you trust as close to you as possible, take ownership over all the decisions you will have to make and ensure that you can be at peace with each of those decisions. In the end, you will have no one to blame but yourself, win or lose, and being able to look yourself in the mirror each day with integrity knowing that each move you made was yours may prove to be more important than any bodybuilding aspiration you ever had.

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