Presence of Mind


Where is your presence of mind when you are in the gym? Are they on the next set, the next rep the next exercise or on the bigger picture at large? When you’ve caught your breath and are quenching your thirst, where does your mind lead you? You stare off into space, motionless and with little awareness of who is around you, what others are doing and what has taken place since your last set. Yes, you are present in body but where have your thoughts taken you as you make your way through your workout?

Your presence of mind when in the gym is incredibly important as it pertains to the task at hand. Your ability to focus your thoughts and energy into one single task, over and over again, will be the difference maker in your success. Can you work around others like you? Can you work around others unlike you? Does your tenacity allow for you to complete your mission amongst others who will never truly understand what it is you are chasing? Does any of this even matter to you or have you blocked out the white noise all around you that does nothing for you in supporting your goals?

Observing and receiving the messages brought forth to you while in the gym will have an impact on your presence of mind. The extrinsic motivating factors that exist will take you places that you may need to go or weren’t ready to go to until witnessing it. A fellow competitor invigorates your internal competitive nature; someone lifting more than you lights a new fire for heavy and hardcore training; someone you admire looks your way and your confidence levels soar. Whether you realize this or not and regardless of how focused you already are, these incidences lead your mind to where it needs to be to allow for your success to come to fruition.

In the times when you feel lost, look for insight into why you are doing what you are doing. Recalibrate your thoughts to include emotions from past and present. Allow the endless possibilities that await to flood your mind and surge your psyche full of the positive anticipation of the creation you are working towards. When you’re out of breath and staring down at the floor, see the future, envision your end goal and then quickly shift to what needs to be accomplished next to make that vision a reality.

What you do from minute to minute clearly articulates what it is you are trying to achieve. Leave the negativity at the front door when you enter the gym and proceed with purpose as if there is nothing but training going on in your life. The distractions, the obligations and all of your responsibilities can and will fill up space in your thoughts but for that one hour you spend in the gym, be present. Leave everything else out there in the world and let it wait until you come back. Your time in the gym is precious to you and your ability to be all in while there is crucial to your success. See it, believe it and conquer it.

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