Priceless Physique

Priceless physique

How do you put a dollar value on the time you get to spend cultivating and creating the physique you’ve always dreamed of? What is it worth to you to be able to train, unaffected by the outside world, which always seems to be pulling you away from the one to two hours a day when you lose yourself in the chaos of the weights? When you try to quantify just how much the gym means to you, what do you come up with? Can you put a figure on it? Have you stopped and thought about this? Do you actually know and understand the significance of this time you take? It’s rare in a world where dollars and cents take precedence over pretty much everything else to have something so special that you can’t put a price on it. And that, for us is the priceless physique.

Is This Your Personal Pursuit?

When you endeavor to build strength and muscle as a personal pursuit, you can’t simply go to a store and buy what you’re looking for. No one can give you any idea of what the path ahead looks like for you and what you want, may not be what you get. Sure, you can throw some money around on gym memberships, supplements, trainers and just about anything else that promises or guarantees gains, but the real price is the one you pay each day you pick up a weight. The toll it will take on your body, your mind, your life as you find that this means more to you than almost anything else and if you’re willing to commit to this lifestyle, is the only sense you’ll see and that’s our priceless physique.

Bet On Yourself For Your Priceless Physique

Unequivocally speaking, there is no betting limit when it comes to your time in the gym. You are there to work, to train, to build, to conquer and to relinquish any and all previous barriers that have stood in your way. You have gone all in during this game each and every single day and the reward has been one of passion, relentlessness and an abiding force to grow muscle with every move you make. Are you getting paid to do this? Maybe, maybe not but it doesn’t matter. You’d be doing this regardless of whether or not it comes with a paycheque because you’ve decided this is who you are in the game of life and you’re betting on you and cashing out all your chips at the end of every session you complete.

The Final Thought

The gym has taken on a whole new meaning to just about everyone who has ever succumbed to this lifestyle. It is a place of refuge, a therapeutic hour, a social event, a source of inspiration, a fuel cell for power, an education and a place you feel most like yourself in. Other like-minded individuals are among you, and you like that. You look to your left and you see another version of you. You look to your right, and you see someone doing what you’re doing. You look in the mirror at yourself and the person staring back at you tells you that this is where you’re supposed to be, this is what you love, this is what you’re meant to do and that right there is something you will never be able to put a price on. This is your priceless physique.

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