Priorities of Power

Priorities of Power

Being strong and having the ability to generate power are characteristics that will never let you down. Being weak and having the inability to produce power is what you should be afraid of and let this thought always be at the forefront of your thinking when you walk into the gym on any given day. You are there to get stronger, get bigger, accrue muscle and above all else, become the most powerful individual that you can be in every single sense of the word.

Your beginnings will be subtle and your gains will be minimal at first. As you train and as you progressively ask your body to do more with each training session you complete, that power will start to grow. You will find a new sense of confidence in your physical capabilities, your approach to training and your overall sense of being. You will have found strength in your convictions, you will test your might at limits you previously never even considered and that power you are in search of will become visibly present to you and others around you.

With power comes privilege. You will be looked at differently and people will want from you in ways you had never expected. Your apparent expertise will be respected and your ability to move objects in the gym no other person can budge will be admired and revered. Not only do you now hold a power unlike anyone around you in the physical realm, but also in the intelligence department as you must know something no one else does; why else would you be so far ahead of the rest? When you hold power, the perspective of others in regards to you will change and this is something you just have to accept for the better or for worse.

If you decide to make power a priority, what you will find is an entirely new approach to your goals and what it is you are trying to achieve. You will be sure of yourself, you will never second guess your decisions, you will be bold in your attempts to create something new and you will never look back and wish you could have done things differently. Your pride in your ownership of this power will supersede your thoughts and your actions and it will carry you towards the ambitious goals you have set and that wait for you in the future.

Seek out power at all costs. Find it within to forge ahead and build yourself up to the point where you feel like you can do anything and conquer all. Whether it starts in the physical realm of lifting weights or it begins as a mindset, foster it and allow it to grow. The more power you can acquire the better off you’ll be and don’t think this power has to be something you hold over others because that’s not the power we’re talking about here. It’s about being in total control of your own life and the decisions you make and being able to live with those decisions in the end. If you make this a priority a better life awaits and greater version of who you are will emerge.

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