Better Bodies Athletic Grips



The Athletic Grips are made to protect the palm of your hands on those movements that tend to rip them. Thin, lightweight, durable and versatile for many styles of training. Crafted from 100% leather on both sides providing a more consistent, firm grip across a wide variety of movements helping to prevent bunching and slippage during high-rep work. The athlete tested design also features two precision-cut finger holes and a hook-and-loop strap for a custom quick secure fit.

Protects your hands during pull-ups, kettlebell swings, toes to bar, muscle ups and many other movements. 

100% leather 

2 wraps, one per hand

precision-cut finger holes

hook-and-loop strap 

Athlete Tip: Simply turn the grip portions around to the back of hands when they are not needed in your circuit. Going back to the pull-up bar? Simply twist the grips back around and put your fingers back through the finger holes for a secure fit once more. 


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