Prove them Wrong

Prove them Wrong

How many times have you been told no? How often have others doubted your abilities and mocked your ambitions? In times when no one believes in you or what you are chasing, a small ember within ignites and you realize you have something to prove just to show everyone they were wrong about you. Your reasoning for this won’t be construed as a selfish act but it is. Deep down you could care less about what others think of you but knowing that you can prove the haters wrong and that you will succeed with anything you choose to do, fuels that fire within and makes you work harder than you ever have before.

You are going to have to indulge in acts that may be uncomfortable at first. It could be that your strength in the gym is being questioned thereby leading you to loading weights that haven’t yet registered on your radar. Or a slight view is given of your physique as you peel down to your GASP tank top after building another massive pump that usually stays undercover. Regardless of what it is, when you do reveal what you’ve been working on, others will take notice as you put them on notice that you’re here, you’re leading the pack and no one can stop you or stand in your way.

When you hear the words that are meant to hold you back, to keep you down, to restrain your goals and ambitions, how do you react? Do you believe it? Do you allow self-doubt to start creeping in your thoughts or do you flip the switch and immediately go into retaliation mode? Never should you believe in the negative energy that could potentially come your way or that has already been thrown at you; never. Take it and turn it right back around on those doubting you by achieving even more success than what you’ve already accomplished. The best way to prove them wrong is by proving yourself right by being unstoppable and undeniable in your efforts.

What you gain by proving them wrong is confidence. There is no satisfaction in seeing others realize they have been misguided in their thoughts about you. There is no glory to be taken in an apology from someone who never believed in you. When you are down, there will be those who want you to stay down and when you’re on top of your game, those same people will be singing a different tune in your defense. You know and have always known, what you are capable of and what you can master and achieve. You have always been in full control of your destiny despite what others may believe.

As good as it may feel at first, proving everyone wrong, it really comes down to you being confident about yourself and feeling good about who you are. There will always be haters out there looking to drag others down and to make people feel less than; ignore them. You have made the conscious decision to be successful, to earn respect in the gym, to build strength, to sculpt a physique and to motivate others while doing so. Positivity will always reign supreme and proving others wrong won’t bring you any satisfaction but proving yourself right will. Stay your course, earn all of your success and let your actions do your speaking for you.

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