Regulating Remorse

Regulating Remorse

Remorse is when there will be days when you wish things were different. There will be lonely hours when you think to yourself, what if? You will have lengths of time where you spend much of your energy on looking back at what you could or even should have done. This lifestyle, that you have chosen, brings with it a considerable amount of sacrifice. No matter how hard you try to make the right decisions for all, it ultimately always has to come down to what’s best for you. You may have regrets and you will undoubtedly have remorse but it’s how you regulate these thoughts that allow you to proceed.

You can compartmentalize all you want. It will help and it will ease the drain of the difficult decisions you have had to make. The missed celebrations, the nights out that you passed on and the family meals that didn’t quite fit into your nutritional plan, will all be thoughts you struggle with. You will feel bad about missing out on the occasions that everyone else attended but there was a reason for this and most likely, only you will understand; that’s okay. You are living your dream, chasing your passion and allowing others to do the same without you.

The decisions you make will look selfish to an outsider looking in because they are. There is nothing selfless about living this lifestyle. The hours you spend in the gym working on you, the meals you prep exactly for your needs, the rest that you place an incredible amount of importance on and the timing and structure of your day all revolve around what is best for you. Should you feel bad about this? Maybe, maybe not but you’ve found a way to regulate these thoughts to forge on.

When everything has been pushed to the side and all of your responsibilities outside of this lifestyle have been forgotten, how much will it matter to you once you’ve achieved your goals? Can you live with yourself once all is said and done? Will you still carry an abundance of remorse around with you or have you hardened to the fact that it is what it is and there was no other way around it? Wherever you put these thoughts you have to be able to live and carry on with no regrets and absolutely zero remorse for what you chose to do.

The gym will always be there but will those you look to for support still be there when you had cast them into the shadows while chasing your dreams? The people who are true to you will and the rest do not matter. Those who know you know exactly what you are doing and support you no matter what. When you have these people in your life, keep them, lean on them and then pay it forward for all that they’ve done for you. When you do that, all that kept you up at night, any ounce of regret or remorse that may have entered your mind will be gone in an instant. Your time may have been now but there’s still more time ahead. Live this lifestyle with all that you have so you can proudly say that if you could go back and do it all over again, you wouldn’t have changed a thing.

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