Rigours of Reality

The definition of difficult and the standards of which you practice within that framework will be a concerted effort unique to you and only you. No one else will ever truly understand what you’ve gone through to get to your current standing within the bodybuilding world and nor should you really care. The reality of the situation is that the rigours you have had to overcome are yours. You must take full ownership of them, take them all for what they’re worth, accept what you can and dismiss what you cannot and then carry on as if unscathed by it all. You started this for yourself and will finish it off on your own terms.

There will be times when you want to quit, want to give up and want to move on to something less arduous than this. You cannot escape this lifestyle as it is all-encompassing and time-consuming. Perhaps there is an alternative for which you can fill the void that has kept bodybuilding close all these years. When the pain doesn’t go away, when the hours between meals seem like months and when you face fear under that loaded barbell, maybe there’s something else out there for you instead of this. There’s not and the rigours of reality of who you are sets in to remind you that you chose bodybuilding; it didn’t choose you and no matter how hard it gets, you go looking for more.

It will never get any easier. In fact, it will only become more difficult as time wears on and that’s just a fact. The weights will seem heavier, the cardio longer, the food harder to choke down and the never-ending quest for physique perfection, further and further away. You keep chasing anyway because you are living in a rigours of reality unknown to most and unwilling to change. You have chosen to engage in a sport that doesn’t reward easily, doesn’t pat you on the back, doesn’t go out for team parties and rarely provides any sort of instant gratification. There will, however, be shining moments all throughout so when they arrive, be sure to embrace and cherish them as they quickly fade.

There is no other sport like bodybuilding. There is no other sport that is as personal as bodybuilding and no other athletic venture one could take that will force you to be honest and real with everything you are doing. The rigorous and sometimes torturous training sessions that are pursued to hopefully gain just one more ounce of strength and muscle, the tedious work after hours preparing meals for the upcoming days, the supplement rituals, the fasted cardio, the sleeping patterns and fringe living that we have all come to accept has definitely been time well spent. We know what we are facing each day, we understand that this is the road less travelled, we find solace in knowing that we are forcing ourselves to be something only we can envision and we are at peace with it all.

We are bodybuilders; we are Gym Stars and we cash our rigours of reality cheques every single day.

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