Rise Up and Win the Day

Life isn’t always easy and there will be times when you feel like the weight of the world rests squarely on your broad shoulders. It is in these times that you have a choice; succumb to the pressure and let it bury you or rise up and win back the day by fighting through the adversity and taking claim of what’s rightfully yours. You don’t have to let the negativity affect you unless you allow it to build positivity from within and then apply that to the task at hand and subsequent goals that follow. You have what it takes to be great; you possess all the necessary skills and intellect to forge your own path and you do so with reverence and passion that you’ve derived from the bodybuilding lifestyle you have chosen to be a part of.

As a bodybuilder, you understand failure and know that sometimes it is required for your success. In the gym, those failures can be plentiful when you’re pushing yourself to previously unknown physical and mental limits and winning can take a lot longer than you may want. Despite this, you continuously rise up to the challenge, accept your fate with whatever happens next and attempt to be greater with each training session you complete. Why, you ask, are we ok with this? It is because within that training session somewhere, despite the multiple failed attempts at lifting a certain weight or reaching a difficult milestone, a small victory awaits. When these occur, a feeling of satisfaction ensues and all we want is more.

Each time you step out onto the gym floor, cinch up your Gasp weight lifting belt, tighten up your Better Body wrist wraps and turn your Gasp cap backwards, a switch goes off and all you can think about is rising up the challenge ahead and doing whatever it takes to ensure a win. A clean slate awaits you, the iron is calling your name and taunting you in doing so while other patrons move to the side waiting and watching for what you’ll do to secure victory for yourself. It is a moment when nothing else matters except for the weight. Time stops as you prepare for the fight, the anticipation mounts and everyone is watching. Now is your time to rise up to the challenge and beat your previous best.

Winning isn’t everything-said no one. Your will to win the day for yourself and those you care about and are closest to should be your number one priority. When you win in the gym, this transfers over to everything else in life. The discipline, dedication, consistency and determination that you learned from being in the gym and the successes you’ve had there will make its way into other aspects of your life. No matter what is thrown your way, you know that you have the grit to rise up and fight back with everything you’ve got. You do it every single day when you push yourself to that next level so why should anything in life be any different? When you are strong in your conviction for what you can accomplish the W’s will add up and you can thank this lifestyle for that.

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