Standard Issued Intensity

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What fuels your rage? What interferes with sound reasoning and logic? Can you explain what happens when the lights go out and the only thing you can remember is finishing that last rep? These may be some of the lingering questions you have when all is said and done in the gym. If they are there, then good; you’ve done your job today. If you’re puzzled by what was just said, then you have some searching to do. The only limiting factor in your quest to attain massive amounts of muscle and dominating strength, is your intensity. Some have been born with it, some have created it and others have yet to truly experience it. Once you understand that there are levels to the game we’re all playing, and you only get to participate in the next level by achieving a higher standard of intensity, the game changes and so do you. Training with ferocity is a gift and here’s yours. Welcome to Standard Issued Intensity.

Intrinsic Factors

We all possess something inside that can destroy us if we allow it to. We also have internal triggers that provide us with euphoric feelings for which happiness can occur. When you find the connection between the two and allow these thoughts to join forces and work in synergy with one another, a powerful blend of positivity and madness will erupt and inspire an energy from within that will fuel your intensity. Some will say that intensity is drawn from anger and aggression; that’s only half the truth. You need another ingredient in there and that’s pleasure. You have to love what you’re doing, extract those feelings you experienced when success was achieved, mix in a little of that blind rage you felt from when someone did you or someone you love wrong and then explode. An emotionally-driven sense of self is a powerful tool to have at your disposal if you know how to properly apply it.

Extrinsic Factors

When you go to the gym, what do you look for? What is it about the place you train that gets you fired up? Is it the competition waiting there for you? Is it the expectations that you’ve placed upon yourself and your overall ambition to be great that gets you going? Do you need to see what you’re working towards? Do you need to hear other’s toil and pain to then take yourself to a place where you can feel your own? What you sense around you will play an integral part in how you respond to any situation you find yourself in. Whether it’s you feeling like you have something to prove, something to gain or something to establish, how you feel you are being perceived by others can play a tremendous role in your ability to muster up intensity at will. Being motivated, aggravated or witnessing the intensity levels of others that has been cultivated, will allow you to procure a certain intensity level of your own.

Know Your Self-Worth

Everything that has happened in your life up to this very point in time has led you to become the person looking back at you in the gym mirror. Those days when it seemed like you were getting counterpunched from every different angle to the times when you felt on top of the world to everything else in between that you have gone through and experienced has led you here. As you stand there looking at yourself under the load of a heavily plated barbell in the squat rack, can you look at yourself and know what your self-worth is? Are you truly better today than you were yesterday. Think of all the torturous leg day sessions you pushed yourself through, all the eggs you’ve cracked, cooked and eaten, the injuries you’ve overcome only to come back even better from, the before and after pictures, the sense of pride you felt when helping others and all of those times when despite what your natural instincts were telling you to do, got up and aimed to be better for another day. Be proud of your accomplishments, dig in deep for just one more set and finish off the day with a vengeance.

There is no denying the fact that when it comes to training and finding that sweet spot when growth and progress will occur, intensity is king. It is the ruler of all things worthy and the foundation for attaining goals. When you master the ability to conjure up heightened levels of intensity on-demand, you can then apply that to all facets of your life and not just your training. In the event that you can do this, not only will your gains be standard issue, but your overall success in life will be as well.

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