The Pace Race

There has to be a reason behind every action that you do. Each day you decide to get up and better yourself, there is an underlying motivation that gets you up and out of bed. For some, it is the obligatory sense that you are doing this for yourself, for your family and for those who depend on you. For others, it is the greater sense of what winning in life means to them. You can be successful, accrue all the accolades you have ever wanted, money, fame, ultimate wealth but for some reason or another, this just isn’t enough. This is the pace race.

In these cases, the individuals who are never satisfied with what they already have, are seeking out that one thing that sets them apart from the rest. These people want to create space between themselves and everyone else. It is those who you aspire to be like yet cannot figure out how they got to where they are that are the distance makers in this game.

To create space, you have to fully develop what is unique about you and what sets you apart from everyone else, even in the early stages. A mindset, a sense of control, a desire to create, an impulsive feeling even when you might know better, a constant reminder to yourself that you’re not done yet and everything else in between that has given you hope for a better day.

Do not fear the unknown and look for ways to get out of complacency and into the uncomfortable situations you need to be in so that you can grow and improve upon those positive attributes you already carry with you. It is necessary that you stay true to yourself, be at peace with your given talents and simply work as hard as you can to cultivate the best version of you that you can.

To the risk-takers out there; take those risks. Be as calculated as you can in each decision you make but do not think for one second that there is no reward in risk because there is. Sometimes, the greater the risk the greater the reward but be cautious about this as well. Do your work, do your due diligence and be prepared for both scenarios to play out-positive or negative. Despite what happens, your approach to the evolving situation is what will create that space you are looking for.

When the distance makers do fail, they brush it off and move on to the next as if nothing bad even happened. For the rest who are still chasing the front runners, when they are met with failure, they fold and all intent is lost and they are left wondering what next?

There will be countless times when you will be presented with an opportunity to move yourself ahead of others around you. It could be a training session you have been invited to, a job offer within the industry, a chance to be a part of something in its inception, a question you have been asked and knowledge you have decided to give for free or ideas you have been presented with that only those who think outside the box truly understand. No matter what it is you are given, never say no to opportunity if it feels right. Don’t limit yourself to only what you know.

You cannot be afraid to endeavor into something you know nothing about. You will learn, you will prosper, and you will add to what you already have. When you can accomplish this, you have then created one more inch of space between you and the rest and distance over time will always be the fastest route to creating significant space.

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