The Power in Pain

Training is at the very essence of who we are. We look at what it takes to pursue our goals and our dreams and can be at peace with what we have to endure to get there. There will be triumphs, there will be tribulations and there will be pain. When we find ourselves deep into a set where the magic begins to happen, our body begins fighting back by signalling pain to flood through our veins screaming at us to stop. We don’t; instead, we invite that pain in and search for more until we are satisfied with the effort put forth. We don’t see pain as weakness, we see it as a force from which we can derive new power to initiate and trigger new growth both physically and mentally.

Everything about living the bodybuilding lifestyle is counterintuitive to what our body really wants. Regular people don’t inflict pain upon themselves knowingly and they certainly don’t bask in its glory. We, on the other hand, need that each and every single day to feel alive and secure our position within the ranks of the bodybuilding community. In fact, without it, we feel defeated and distraught for we know what that pain will bring if we can withstand it long enough. There will, however, be times when the pain will win and we will have to succumb to it. When this occurs, our mission has been accomplished and the training session is complete.

Our protection against the pain is the muscles we have built. We may hide them under our GASP Hoodies and Better Bodies joggers, but our ability to adapt to it on a daily basis has allowed us to grow in order to increase our threshold for the pain. Our thought process is derived from the actions we have taken before when harbouring the pain. We know that only more can bring upon newfound success and because of this, we seek out new ways to be extraordinary when others will suffer. The grimace on our faces, the sounds of the excruciating torture being wilfully forced upon us and the aftermath of a perfect set is where we live and where we thrive. Make no mistake, it hurts like hell but in that pain is where we find our power.

You don’t need to look any further than the hardest worker in the room to understand what power and pleasure can come from positive pain. The physique, the demeanour and the confidence in their skill set will tell it all. When you consistently walk that fine line between insane and insanity while pushing the limits to what you can actually tolerate within the pain and still be exceptional, is when you know you have what it takes to be great. The ability to accept the pain and derive new forces from it and cultivate new levels of strength and power will be conducive to what lengths you go to while challenging yourself in the gym. You can take a little or you can take a lot and that will be unique to you but what matters most is that you accept and acknowledge that rewarding type of pain and you use it to prosper. If you do that, then you have found your own peace and power within the pain.

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