The Return on Effort

The Return on Effort

You are a different breed. Your desire and willpower to take yourself to depths of positive pain have far surpassed those you are amongst. You have never taken a day off and you see no reason to at this time. The more you do, the bigger the reward and feeling tired is simply a signal for you to push yourself even harder to realize your goals and potential. You possess the necessary ingredients to be successful and the enormous level of effort it will take to achieve the vision you have in your mind is readily available and knowing how to extract that from within, will be the return on the effort you will receive.

The significance of each training session you endure has you completely locked in and ultra-focused. You know that with every rep you execute, within every set you complete and each time you add just a little bit more to the bar, you are getting closer to your end game. The stress, the sweat, the agony and all of those pumps you have enjoyed so much over all of these years form the level of effort you are used to working within. Some will know what you put yourself through while others will simply watch in disbelief or in confusion. Why would anyone put themselves through this? You have the answer to this question but keeping it to yourself is what will separate you from the rest.

How far you are willing to take yourself and test your limits will always at the forefront of your thinking and planning. With the knowledge you have regarding effort and the different levels that exist within that, you have to decide for yourself, the time in which you wish to stay there. Everything and everyone breaks at some point or another. Knowing that you are in the upper echelon for effort in the gym and spending a significant amount of time there has certainly had its benefits by way of the return in gains that you have received. It has also come with hardship, pain and injury as well. So, the question remains; how much longer are you willing to reside in that upper echelon of effort before it becomes too much?

Always keep in mind that you are in a race. You are in a race against time, a race against others trying to achieve the same goals and level as you and you are also in a race against the integrity of your body as a whole. The longer we find ourselves in the game, the closer we get to realizing the law of diminishing return. Despite your best efforts, eventually you are going to find yourself in a position whereby no matter how hard you work, how much effort you put forth and how perfect you are in your approach, your body just won’t respond the way you want it to. The message at this point is simple; be at peace with it. Your legacy will lie within what you’ve done and not always with what you are doing now.

You are in control of your effort; always. Don’t ever forget that this is one of the many variables within the lifestyle we are living that you can be in control of. Be aware of this, be cognizant of this fact and use it to your advantage. It will prove to be your best move going forward and the one piece of the puzzle that will appease your need for knowing you’ve done all that you could have possibly done.

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