The Unconscious Unity

The Unconscious Unity

The common bond shared amongst the iron warriors who are grinding it out in the gym each day is unity. The goal is always the same and the time dedicated towards achieving success can be measured only by the significance of change. Very seldomly are words exchanged, the odd glance or nod may be executed, yet all those in the know are exactly aware of what’s happening. The unconscious unity that is just there represents a lifestyle and a determination towards improving upon a craft that many will never understand. The atmosphere, the perseverance and the struggles combined have led us to this point where like-minded individuals unite.

It won’t take very long at all before you find your place. The environment for which you decide to grow in has to be conducive to your goals, your aspirations, your motivations and your overall feeling for being accepted. You will need to be amongst others who, like you, want nothing more than to have a place to unleash the potential within. The energy that you will extract and look to for propulsion in all of your efforts needs to be on point with your mindset. If all you have to do to find this is simply look to your left or look to your right, then you are exactly in the right place as others around you will be doing the same.

In times of need, without saying anything, you will feel the support from those around you. Even if you don’t realize it, those who are there with the same goals as you, are feeding you energy and feeding off of your energy. A helping hand when struggling on that last rep, a nod of approval, a motivating and supportive gesture or a connection made for an upcoming training session are all signs of the iron trust. We don’t always seek this out and many times it just occurs. This is the benefit of the unconscious unity that exists that will never be seen by anyone other than those who are in it. Earn it, respect it and utilize it for the benefit of all.

The struggles of this lifestyle are real and don’t just exist in the gym. The times when you are away from the gym are usually the hardest and when you need that unity the most. A quick text from your training partner asking how you are means the world. A post on your social media account telling you how much of an inspiration you are for positive change feels rewarding. A stranger asking you for advice at the grocery store because you look like you must know what you’re doing by virtue of your physical stature or the respect given to you by those aspiring to be like you all make the struggles worth it. You may be unaware of how deep this unity reaches yet it is in those times when an unexpected gesture occurs you begin to see it for what it is.

The physique community, while growing every day, is still small by comparison to other sports. The bonds that exists within it, the companionship, the support, the competitiveness and the shared existence is what makes this lifestyle so great. The unity is strong despite there being no glaring proof of it and those who know about it just know. Relish in the fact that you are a part of something greater than yourself and allow your success to be the success of others as well.

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