There and Gone

There and Gone

Competition is sometimes the driving force behind our actions. We thrive on the thought of being able to put our best against another and win. The significance of the moment is never lost upon us and once experienced, becomes a feeling that we continuously strive towards and need to further our actions. The lights, the stage, the crowd, the adulation and whatever accolades come along with being victorious become essential ingredients for our own pleasure. When the spotlight shines down on you, everything you went through to get there, becomes worth it and then, without notice, it’s gone.

The hours you spend in the gym for years on end have a culminating effect on your overall success as a bodybuilder. Even when the stage is nowhere near in sight, you forge ahead in preparation for that one single moment in time that you crave. When all eyes are on you and everyone is waiting to see what you look like, how you’ll compare, how big and ripped you’ll be, it is during these times away from it all that count. The journey will be much longer than the time you spend at your ultimate destination so to find fulfillment there will be the catalyst for being at peace with whatever happens upon your arrival.

When you win and when you lose, that time you are there in that space matters. Are you present? Are you taking a step back and removing yourself from that exact moment for just enough time to take it all in? It will pass you by in an instant and then everyone will be on to the next. You have to soak it all up, in victory and in defeat, because these moments matter. Before you even realize it, you will have been there and gone and it will all be a blur if you allow this to happen; don’t. Be cognizant of the fact that this experience will be quick and you’ll be back to regular life in an instant.

How you approach the times around competition is important. The lead up to you putting your best against others always seems to take precedence over the time spent afterwards. You will find that upon reflection and looking back on what occurred, a lesson in what should have or could have happened will occur. Regardless of a win or a loss, take the time afterwards to dissect all that happened. Unwrap your expectations, unfold the motivation and take heed of the emotions you are feeling to truly understand the moment. Moving forward with better information is now your mission and you can’t do so effectively without fully understanding everything you just experienced.

Anyone who has gone through this will tell you it all seems like it passed by in the blink of an eye. It doesn’t matter how long ago it was or how many times it was a part of their lives, it was once there and now it’s gone. Yes, the memories will live on forever and hopefully that is enough but if you don’t relish in the moment, it won’t be. Allow yourself to enjoy every part of it, be in it and always do your best to be present in those moments that matter most.

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