Trending Trajectory

Trending Trajectory

Is your stock on the rise? Have you been putting in the work daily to ensure that all of your efforts are leading your progress to your trending trajectory? Your growth, your popularity, the odds in your favor and everything else set to take you to that next level, all have to have a trajectory that could potentially leapfrog you above the rest. The question then remains; will you be ready for the attention? Are you prepared to have all eyes on you, watching your every move, waiting to see if you can live up to the hype and the expectations? Champions want and expect that and know exactly what to do with it. Do you?

Be Consumed With Here And Now

Bodybuilding is a sport that is consumed with the here and now. Yes, your last outing means something, but it’s what you do in between shows that counts the most. “You’re only as good as your last competition” is something that should be taken more seriously by the discerning athlete. Proving your worth, showing everyone that it wasn’t a fluke and being steadfast in your opinion that you are amongst the best, will be your driving motivation. You are on the rise, your trending trajectory; make no mistake about it. You know it, your coach knows it and now it’s time for the rest of the world to know it too.

What Have You Been Doing?

In the meantime, what have you been doing to increase your popularity? Are you pumping out posts left and right? Are you utilizing the tools at your disposal to show more people who you are? Have you been giving your followers, your fans, your haters a sneak peek of what’s to come? Allowing those watching to get a glimpse of what you’ve been working on during the time you’ve been away from the stage is only going to serve you better in creating that hype you want. The expectations will be high, the pressure will mount, and there will be no place to hide when it’s time to reveal it all. What’s been your trending trajectory?

Experience That Spike

All you can ever hope for is a spike in your trajectory to the top. Once you experience that spike, the goal is to continue your success in linear fashion right to the winner’s circle spot. In the eyes of the judges, you’ve been rewarded and have been given the nod to forge ahead. In the eyes of your fans, you’ve found support and inspiration to keep doing what you’re doing. The meet and greats, the gratitude you put forth, the time you spend interacting with fans, all means something and will contribute to your trajectory. When your stock starts trending in the right direction, and you’ll know when it does, stay the course and ride it till the wheels fall off.

The Final Thought

If you really want to make it in this sport, then you’re going to have to put just as much effort into your fan base as you do your training. Yes, competitively speaking, you are looking for the win. But you’re also looking for a win with people and that in itself could possibly be even more important for you if you’re looking for longevity within a sport you love. Do all the right things and you’ll be fine; simple as that. Everyone loves a winner and even more people like a great person. Be both and enjoy your career. Enjoy your trending trajectory.

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