Trust and Triumph


You don’t have to go at this alone, you can trust and triumph. You are allowed to have someone there to support your efforts, your goals, your ambitions and your dreams. Your counterpart if you will in that they want the same for you as they do themselves and vice versa. That’s right, a training partner is essential for pushing past your limits, going to the extremes and realizing your true potential. This is the person you trust most in the gym, the one who has your back no matter what and the individual you count on to be there for you in the most serious of situations you will find yourself when under a loaded barbell. You need them as much as they need you and finding that connection is priceless.

A training partner allows you to trust even more in what you are trying to accomplish. Your triumphs are theirs as much as they are yours because in essence, perhaps what you accomplish couldn’t have been even feasible without them there. When you can feed off of each other’s intensity with a seamless effort what you will find is that your training sessions elevate to levels unbeknownst to most and the work that gets accomplished is greater than maybe even you could have imagined. You will aim higher, load more weight and relegate fear to the back seat because in your trust there is triumph.

Without even saying anything, you and your training partner always know the appropriate response and the right actions at the perfect times. A slight lift on the bar, a subtle gesture for more, a deafening show of support or a simple understanding of what needs to get done. Every training partner relationship will look different. Some may never speak, some will scream their way through the workout and most will do more than what the eye can even see. It is a true partnership in the gym and something you should never take for granted, that’s your trust and triumph.

When you find someone to train with that elevates your game and makes you want to achieve more, stick with them. It’s hard to find a good training partner who you can count on not only when you’re pushing your body to the max, but also to simply show up. When you’re ready to go and the person you’re supposed to train with and count on to be there is nowhere in sight, how can you trust that person when the potential to get buried under hundreds of pounds of weights is a real possibility? Sure, this may happen every once in a while but those who never leave you hanging are the ones to hold onto.

There is a mutual understanding and respect between training partners. Each knows what the goal is, a shared focus and intensity is commonplace and a real and genuine care for the other’s progress is always at the forefront and the driving force behind every training session. Success can be shared, notoriety spread around and gratitude is given when you and your training partner reach new heights in this industry. Never forget those who helped you get to where you are. Keep them close and trust and triumph victory together.

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