Unlocking Your True Potential

Unlocking Your True Potential

The magnitude of your success will be greatly defined by your potential. Do you naturally have what it takes or do you simply have the required fortitude to will your way to success? These are two very different yet significant scenarios that we face in the very early stages of our bodybuilding pursuit. The only way to find the answers to these questions is to unlock our true potential; but how? Potential is a word that builds anticipation and creates excitement along with placing a tremendous amount of pressure upon those who aren’t ready for it. Those who are willing to take on the task of proving they are worthy will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. Those who aren’t, will always have that “what if” question lingering and following them everywhere they go. Which of these people do you want to be?

To release the genetic potential for which you have been granted for building size, strength and muscle, you have to first be willing to accept that fate. You will in time accrue new muscular proportions that you may not have been aware you possessed but the degree to which you experience this will differ from those around you. Are you prepared to grow at a rate that surpasses those you train with?  Alternatively, can you be at peace with the notion that regardless of how hard you go each day, the return on effort you receive may be less than desired and likely minimal by comparison to the genetic freak who’s down the dumbbell rack from you? But again, you will not know which of these people you are until you unlock that potential from within.

So how does one go about discovering who they are in this regard? The answer to this question lies within your definition of success. Have you unlocked your potential if you put on 10 pounds of muscle, 100 pounds of muscle or turn pro? Is being the strongest person in your gym an indication you’ve reached your pinnacle? Are you the best in your province, state, country or world at what you do? Can you see what’s happening here? A person’s true potential can only be reached if the desired outcome matches up with what the individual wants for themselves and not what others want or expect from them. Can you live with what you’ve accomplished and be happy about it or will you continue to let the expectations of others bury you while taking away your love for training?

Far too often people have been looked down upon for not living up to their true potential when the fact of the matter is, no one really knows for sure what that even looks like. You’ve done your job if in your bodybuilding pursuit, you’ve been successful at changing and building your body to a point where you can look at yourself in the mirror and be happy. Your self-worth, self-esteem and overall self-acceptance of who you are and what you’ve accomplished is far more important than what someone else thinks of you. Once you’ve found that person, then my friends, you have found the key to unlocking your true potential and have found success as a legitimate Gym Star.

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