Waiting and Weighting

Waiting and weighting

The journey you are on is going to be a long one, just like waiting and weighting. The time you put into yourself is going to be more than anything else you’ve ever given your time to. The destination ahead will sometimes feel too far away. Bodybuilding is a game of inches and ounces. You are going to be waiting a long time before you ever achieve the physique you really want. The weights will be there to work for you and against you. Your patience in all of this will be key. How long are you willing to stay the course to realize your potential? Can you devote your life’s work to this goal and do you have the patience to wait it all out?

Is Patience A Virtue?

When they say, “patience is a virtue”, nothing could be closer to the truth for a bodybuilder. If you are of the generation of immediate need and instant gratification, then look elsewhere for that. Bodybuilding is all about putting in the work, over and over again, while waiting for something to happen. The only solace in this approach is knowing that if the work is done, the results will be worth the wait. Everything you find yourself doing will be for a greater purpose and a later time versus the here and now. Yes, the weights will give you the pump and release we all crave, but the waiting period after that is what will yield what we’re really after.

Expedite The Process

Can you expedite the process and try your best to speed up progress and performance? Of course you can, but no matter how hard you push things upon yourself, you will still have to wait. There is nothing immediate about real progress in the sport of bodybuilding and within the endeavors of building muscle that we have all found ourselves in. Maybe you will speed things up and maybe you won’t. Finding frustration within that pursuit is a real possibility and expecting results when you haven’t allowed enough time to pass, will only increase that frustration and lead you down a path you may not want to go.

Keep On Waiting And Weighting

Keep training. Keep eating. Keep doing the same tedious chores that are embedded within this lifestyle day after day. Your consistency will count. Your discipline will be of paramount importance. Your devoted methods will make the difference. You will gain experience in this time and you will be able to fine tune all of your efforts. Waiting and weighting is the only option you have. Lift, eat, sleep and repeat will be your mantra. There are no magic formulas to this other than time. The faster you get in tune with that, the better off you’ll be.

The Final Thought

What will matter most when time has passed by? Will you look back and wonder if you wasted all your time on this thing we call bodybuilding or will you look at the years you devoted yourself to this lifestyle as a measure of who you are now? Whether you realize it or not, it has changed you. The weights you lifted won’t really matter. What will matter, is what you did in between those sessions with the weights. What were you waiting for during these times? Did it actually happen and if it did, was it worth the wait after all? Is this what waiting and weighting is all about?

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