Walk the Walk and Wear Your Craft

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Bodybuilders, strength athletes and all those who have chosen the path of most resistance will never blend in with the masses. We are different, we look different and we wear our craft everywhere we go. You cannot hide the years of positive pain for which you have inflicted upon yourself and nor should you. Time, dedication, consistency and a never-ending quest for the ultimate workout has led you to what you are and in return, you walk the walk and offer no apologies for doing so.

An unnerving level of confidence precedes you. You are the alpha of your domain and everyone knows it. They can see it, they can feel your presence and the shadow you cast across the gym floor is all too consuming. There are no questions about what you do, no theories upon which you must prove or disprove, just pure and unadulterated satisfaction from those in the know that what they’re seeing is real and in its truest form as your craft is on display everywhere you go.

Those on the outside looking in will never really understand who and what you are. They will see a distorted image of what they believe to be normal. They will see the GASP Hoodie and the GASP Mesh pants that hide your craft and wonder what’s underneath it all. They will question your motives and your reasoning for being covered up, but you could care less. Your instincts are succinct and you have allowed very few to see what you’ve been building but one day, when you are ready, you will walk with purpose and in stride with the very few who have done the same and put yourself on full display for the world to see.

You cannot fake what we do and you cannot convince others into believing that this lifestyle, the one of tireless effort, toil and pain, lives within you when you do not look the part. This is not something you can step away from either. You can’t take the pads off at the end of the game and there’s no hiding in anonymity. Your physique, your muscles, your work and what you’ve built is with you and present wherever you go. Be proud of this for you’ve earned it.

The final words being offered here are for the serious lifters only. Take solace in the fact that you will and do stand out from the crowd and you’re supposed to. You aren’t slamming plates and snapping cables because you want to be normal. You want to be different, you enjoy setting the standard with your actions versus your words and the craft you have chosen to perfect, the one you’ve been building upon for years, is worn with pride.

Well done my friends. I see you and I know who you are. Until next time.


Items worn in photos:

GASP Longsleeve Thermal Hoodie, GASP No.1 Mesh Shorts

Modeled by Carl Kai Cheung

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